Talking Shops / The Creative Shop Directory

Talking Shops – The Creative Shop Directory

People ask me where to find awesome art and prints/posters/art/stuff to buy online on a regular basis.There is high demand, but people just don’t know where to look.

Unless you know that a certain individual and/or studio have an independent online shop, it’s quite hard to find it.

This new website will pool all independent online creative shops together – a directory supported with fantastic editorial as well, interviews with ‘shop keepers’ for example. And also a ‘support section’ to help create new shop-keepers globally.

We’re hoping that this website will encourage getting art/design up on walls – and support the creative industry by promoting the analog.

Being a curator, I am privileged to know plenty individuals who own independent shops online, so the aim of this website is to share this knowledge with the rest of the art world.

If you want to get involved, please email your creative shop link to: or tweet it to @TalkingShops*Launching 2014*