Beatbox & Sun

To celebrate the launch of Soapbox & Sons and Behind the Beats, we brought together a group of world reknown beatboxers, artists, illustrators and designers to throw a roof-top summer event to remember.

This launch event was dedicated and in aid of The McGuire Programme, a speech recovery programme run by people who have first-hand experience in stuttering.

Apart from live beatbox jamming, we also had an eclectic collection of original artworks around the theme of ‘communication’ exhibited and for sale at the event, with all proceeds going to The McGuire Programme.

And courtesy of our sponsor, Hawkes Ginger Beer, we definitely didn’t go thirsty!

Check out the mini-doc by Hound Collective:

Ball-Zee, Experimental, MC Zani, Bellatrix, Contrix, Beatfox and Bass6

Andy Hau & Kyle Wilkinson, Ben Steers, Ben The Illustrator, The Counter Press, Charlie Farncombe, Dan Bull, Delme Rosser, Emma Oveream, Geroge Simkon, Gordon Bonnar, Iancu Barbarasa, James O’Connell, Jessica Erikson, Lizzie Mary Cullen, Mash Creative, Murray Somerville, Phil Cook, Peter Hawkes, Sean Rees, Spudgun & Simon Cherry, Stuart Watson & Marina Willer, Smiling Wolf, Stef Johnson & Mike Ankers, Will Stewart and Tom Muller.

All the work can be found here. And FOR SALE here.

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