#Bagsie Exhibition

A stunning and truly creative collaboration between Soapbox & Sons, Creative Advice Network, 10 artists – and award winning photographer Jonathan Knowles.

The introduction of the word ‘selfie’ into the Oxford English Dictionary marked a huge change for the world of portrait photography, brought about by the flood of self-portraiture across social media channels.

But is this how we really see ourselves? Does this truly reveal a part of ourselves to the viewer?

Looking to explore the current notions of the self portrait, #Bagsie sought out the talents and personal interpretations of 10 artists, asking each to draw/paint/create a self portrait on a paper bag that reflected their personality within.

Exhibition runs: November 11th – 16th

Press Preview: November 11, 2014, 5pm – 6pm
Private View: November 11, 2014, 6pm – 10pm

JKnowles_Bagsie_EmmaRussell_0352_V12 JKnowles_Bagsie_MattStokes_1337 JKnowles_Bagsie_MurraySomerville_0894NEW_V1 JKnowles_Bagsie_TashWilcocks_0450New

The Proud Archivist
2-10 Hertford Road,
London N1 5ET
Regents Canal
(off Kingland Rd)
Haggerston Overground

Photographed by: Jonathan Knowles

Curated by:
Emma Taylor
Creative Advice Network

Jenny Theolin
Soapbox & Sons

Social: #Bagsie

Emma Russell
Tw/IG: @EmmaRusset
Blog: Hello Emma

Mike Reed
 @reedwords | @mikebreed
FB: facebook.com/reedwords

Lizzie Mary Cullen
Tw/IG: @LizzieMCullen

Matt C Stokes
Tw/IG: @mattcstokes

Tash Willcocks
Tw/IG: @masalforduni
Instagram: Tash Willcocks | #mundaneaday

Stacey Knights
Tw/IG: @SKnightsCollage
Blog: www.staceyknightsillustration.tumblr.com

Nick Chaffe
Tw/IG: @nickchaffe

Murray Somerville
Tw/IG: @murraymangoose
Blog: http://murraysomerville.tumblr.com/

Oli Frape
Tw/IG: @olifrape

Emily Peacock
Tw/IG: @EmilyJPeacock

Full bios can be found here.