Glug – Creative Startups

Collaborating with Nick Clement and Studio Output, we curated and hosted a Glug evening dedicated to the theme  ‘Creative Start-ups’.

The evening celebrated the new talent and their start-ups, as well as established big hitters like Morag Myerscough, as they spoke about setting up, the challenges and how they got to where they are now.

Total attendance: Entire venue: 630+, Talks: 300+

When Nick asked if I wanted to co-curate and co-host this event with him, I said “yeah baby! What better excuse to meet more people and give something back to the industry?”

I started my own thang properly just a few months ago leaving a decade of permanent jobs in design and advertising behind me to follow my true passions; people and doing things I’ve never done before.

When I started my love-affair with Soapbox & Sons (in 2009) it always felt like it was my ‘little bit on the side’ who for one reason or another I had failed to commit to, a bit like this Son, who’s also blissfully unaware of him being my future husband and father of my children. COUGH. Just like Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy, I felt Soapbox & Sons was a seducing lothario.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 09.53.58

Actually the similarities between Soapbox & Sons and Sons of Anarchy don’t end there. SoA is a series about a Biker’s Club in America; but more than that, it is about family. Soapbox & Sons is my family; almost literally.

When I finally went all in, it was the best decision so far in my creative career. Never been more passionate about what I do than now. I curated an exhibition about LOLCats earlier this year. Who wouldn’t want to do stuff like that for a living?

We had an amazing roster of creatives, see below:

And, This is Paper has published their slides, find  their Top Ten Tips here.

Morag Myerscough
Founder, Studio Myerscough

Nick Couch
Founder, Open Studio Club

Helen Cowley
Founder, Dutch Uncle

Jessica Dance & Robert Muller
Founders, Get Müllered & Dance

Emma Taylor
Founder, Creative Advice Network

Rik Lomas & Amelia Humfress
Founders, Steer


Paul Batterham

Jenny Theolin, Co-Host
Founder, Soapbox & Sons


Stalls and Pop ups:

Paola & Stella
La Coppola
La Coppola makes organic, seasonal, artisan gelato as well as traditional Sicilian granita with locally sourced ingredients.

Yoni Alter
Yoni Alter
Graphic artist from London exhibiting prints.

Matt Burke
Showcasing some of his illustration work as well as the interactive poster project – “Done”

Denise Proctor
NOISE Festival
The national NOISE charity increases the social and economical mobility of young talented people across the UK irrespective of their social and economic status, education or physical ability.

Si Crowhurst
Scoopt is a way for friends to recommend great new places to each other. So you only see recommendations from people you trust. No random strangers’ reviews. And no ads.

Seija Chowdhury
Moha London
A Graphic Designer who started Moha last year. Now sells on “Not On The High Street”, and other outlets in Camden and the Isle of Wight.