Beatbox & Sun – Launch Party


Summer Launch Event – September 6th

Together with FLYOTW and Behind The Beats, Soapbox & Sons will be launching with a collaborative bang.

Soapbox & Sons and Behind the Beats will be bringing you a summer launch event featuring a London roof top, the best international beatboxers, designers, illustrators and artists – this way up!

The Idea
To celebrate the birth of Soapbox & Sons and Behind the Beats, we’ve brought together a group of world reknown beatboxers, artists and designers to throw you a roof-top summer event to remember. This is the first of many Beatbox & Sun collaborations with the view of creating a series.

The event will also be in aid of the McGuire Programme, a global stuttering/stammering recovery programme run by people who have first-hand experience in stuttering. Our plan is to auction of some original art to raise funds for their great work.

Soapbox & Sons is all about nurturing and promoting great ideas and fantastic people. So I want to highlight that Purpose did an amazing job with re-branding them – and I feel it only appropriate to dedicate our Beatboxing event to this stuttering/stammering recovery programme.

Have a look at Ball-Zee, 3x UK Champion who will be one of our artists.

The event is also in aid of The McGuire Progamme, who provides effective therapeutic coaching to help sufferers manage their difficulties.

Logo designed by Peter Hawkes.


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