Beatbox & Sun + The McGuire Programme

After listening to Sean Rees and Nathan Webb speak about The McGuire Programme at the POINT Conference, it occurred to me that they would make the perfect partner for the Soapbox & Sons and Behind the Beats’ summer launch event ‘Beatbox & Sun’. I always try to pair up my events with something worth while and for the greater good, and I was really impressed with what this programs does. No-brainer, really.

A bit about The McGuire Programme

Sixty six million people stammer worldwide. Little is known about why, and despite there being no cure, The McGuire Programme is providing effective therapeutic coaching to help sufferers manage their difficulties.

Visit to find our more about the great things they do.

Soapbox & Sons is all about nurturing and promoting great ideas and fantastic people. So I want to highlight that Purpose did an amazing job with re-branding them – and I feel it only appropriate to dedicate our Beatboxing event to this stuttering/stammering recovery programme.


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