Beatbox & Sun / Sponsor / HAWKES Alcoholic Ginger Beer


Super excited to announce Hawkes as our Beatbox & Sun alcohol partner.

Not only is this new drink super tasty, but their values and ethos is very similar to ours, and we hope this new brand partnership is the beginning for something very special.

By pure coincidence our logo and branding is designed by another Hawkes too – Peter. How peculiar!

And, Ginger Beer is one of the drink of choice amongst singers and vocalists  to consume before a performance, couldn’t get much more perfect than that.

Anyway, did I say we’re delighted? Well, we bloody are.

To the guests of Beatbox & Sun, enjoy!


A bit from Hawkes about who they are and what they do:

We are Hawkes, a new and truly exciting independent brewing company, born and raised in London and looking to shake things up!

Our mission is simple…

‘Bring social good as well as pleasure.’

But not in a boring, run of the mill way, we intend to enjoy ourselves and look good doing it!

Our ethos is to use the growth and success of Hawkes to give back some goodness to our communities and not for profit organisations. It is our promise to contribute a share of our annual profits to these causes, as well as our time, care and attention.

After all, we’re made to make a difference.

We at Hawkes work around the principal of ‘Social Crafting’.

Social Crafting means crafting products that can be shared, loved and enjoyed the world over. But it doesn’t stop there, it goes further than that. We want to involve ourselves in society and give something back. This can be in the shape of time, expertise and contributions to local and national not for profit organisations -At launch we’re developing a partnership with non-for profits such as Centrepoint, who aim to provide support for the 80,000 young adults who require that helping hand for shelter and to get their lives back on track. Watch this space as our relationships and efforts develop.