Judging the Marketing Design Awards 2014

0_0_620_http-offlinehbpl.hbpl_.co_.uk-news-OKM-designlogo-20131021105415476Very excited to have been asked by Haymarket Publishing / Marketing Magazine to be one of their 10 individuals judging the Marketing Design Awards, 2014.

Marketing Design Judging 2013 013_lrThe panel included the Head of Design at McLaren, the Executive Creative Director of The Partners, the Head of Design at Museum of London, the VP of Design at Glaxo Smith Klein – and more!

Front Row:
Jenny Theolin, director at Soapbox & Sons
Justin Cernis, founder of The Cernis Collective 
Steve May-Russell, managing director at Small Fry

Back Row:
Greg Quinton, executive creative director at The Partners
Karen Fream, marketing design consultant at Vision Heads
Noel Lyons, director at KentLyons
Letty Edwards, marketing director at Fox’s Biscuits
Leigh Cain, head of design at the Museum of London
Frank Stephenson, chief designer at McLaren 
Andrew Barraclough, VP of design at GlaxoSmithKline 

The Awards are open to organisations of all sizes that can clearly show how their use of design for marketing has formed an integral part of their marketing planning and implementation, and had an impact on the performance of their brand and their business.

The Awards are divided into 20 categories to reflect the diversity of the applications of design.

Winners will be announced at an evening awards ceremony to be held in central London in March.

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