Since Soapbox & Sons create to get people thinking, talking and doing, PR is always an essential ingredient.
Here’s a selection of articles, reviews and interviews:


The Last Stand Book Launch & Exhibition


Grafik Mag (FEATURE + REVIEW), Dec 2014

Mail Online (FEATURE), Dec 2014 (VIDEO), Dec 2014

Feature Shoot: Top 10 photo events… (LISTING), Dec 2014

RAW VIEW Magazine (FEATURE), Nov 2014

Another Place (INTERVIEW), Oct 2014

Featured on Design Observer (FEATURE), Feb, 2014

Featured on website of Russian Esquire magazine (FEATURE), Jan, 2014

Interview & front cover in Betonart (Turkish Architecture magazine), Jan 2014

Darwin Magazine (INTERVIEW), Dec 2012

The Sunday Times Spectrum magazine feature on The Terry O’Neill Award, Nov 2013

The Guardian Online, Nov 2013

Phaidon Club, Oct 2013

MiniClick panel discussion, Oct 2013

StellaZine blog article, July 2013

Document Scotland portfolio, July 2013

On Landscape interview, July 2013

Photomonitor interview, July 2013

Culture 24. Review of The Last Stand exhibition (REVIEW), May 2013

BBC TV Channel Island News (FEATURE), Feb, 2013

BBC Radio Jersey Interview, Feb, 2013

BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Interview, Feb, 2013

Published in BBC Online In Pictures, Feb, 2013

Le journal de la photographie, Jan, 2013

The Guardian Online – Sean O’Hagan talking about The Terry O’Neill Award, Jan, 2013

Published in Scottish Daily Mail & Edinburgh Evening news, Jan, 2013

The Terry O’Neill Award

The Sunday Times Spectrum magazine feature on The Terry O’Neill Award, Jan, 2013

Wayne Ford – notes and thoughts on the photography I am looking at, Sep, 2012

aCurator, July, 2012

Les affiches de Grenoble et du Dauphine, Sep, 2004

Mouvement, Sep, 2004


Christophe Dolhem ‘Travelling in Black & White’ Photography


The Evening Standard, 2014
Travelling in Black & White: Christophe Dolhem

Art Rabbit, 2014

Galleries Magazine, 2014

ArtLyst, 2014

The List, 2014
Travelling in Black & White: Christophe Dolhem


Dave Brown at Berns


Tara Magazine, 2014

Eken Magazine, 2014

CAP & Design, 2014
Komikern och fotografen Dave Brown ställer ut på Berns

LYX, 2014
Komikern och fotografen Dave Brown ställer ut på Berns

Hotel News, 2014
Komikern och fotografen Dave Brown ställer ut på Berns

What’s Up STHLM, 2014
Komikern från The Mighty Boosh ställer ut på Berns




Londonist, 2014
Art in London, 2014

The Evening Standard, 2014
#Bagsie / Going Out

Design Week, 2014
Don’t take a selfie, take a #Bagsie

Digital Arts, 2014
Bagsies mix illustration and selfies for a much more fun take on self-portraits

Visit London, 2014
#Bagsie at The Proud Archivist

The List, 2014

#Bagsie Preview, 2014
Artist blog post 

#Bagsie with Soapbox & Sons
Artist blog post




The Independent, 2014
Comic Sans for Cancer exhibition: It’s the font that’s openly ridiculed for its jaunty style, but figures of fun have their fans

Creative Review, 2014
Comic Sans for Cancer opens tonight

Grafik Magazine, 2014

Design Week, 2014
Comic Sans for Cancer

Gráffica (Spain), 2014
Comic Sans contra el cáncer

Form Fifty Five, 2014 (INTERVIEW)
Comic Sans for Cancer

Creative Bloq, 2014
Designers use Comic Sans to fight cancer

Mashable, 2014
Designers Finally Found a Useful Purpose for Comic Sans

Quartz, 2014
Comic Sans does something good for a change: helping to fight cancer

Digital Arts Online, 2014
See Comics Sans for Cancer posters: top designers get down with the font we love to hate
Design a charity poster using Comic Sans to help Cancer Research

Design Assembly, 2014
Comic Sans for Cancer

Work Form, 2014
Comic Sans for Cancer

Graphics, 2014
Comic Sans Cancer Exhibition

Before Breakfast, 2014
Comic Sans for Cancer

Inky Goodness, 2014
Comic Sans for Cancer

Elaee (France), 2014
La typo pour la bonne cause : Comic Sans Cancer!

Design Taxi, 2014
Comic Sans in support of Cancer Research UK

David Airey Blog, 2014
Comic Sans for Cancer

Leo Burnett Blog, 2014
Comic Sans for Cancer

Advertising Health, 2014
Design a charity poster using Comic Sans to help Cancer Research

People of Print, 2014
Comic Sans for Cancer




BBC News (VIDEO), 2013
Lolcat art: gallery hosts exhibition of cat phenomenon

The Independent , 2013
What it feels like to be savaged by a lolcat

The Independent , 2013
Not many lols at lolcats

The Independent , 2012
Lolcat: Teh Exhibishun – picture preview

The Independent, 2012
Paws for thought: Why we’re still a nation of animal lovers

Dagens Nyheter (SWE), 2013
Viralt kattfenomen har fått egen utställning

De Standaard (BE), 2013
Lolcats zijn kunst

Feber (SWE), 2013
Virala katter får egen utställning i London

The Londonist , 2013
Lolcat: teh exhibishun

Huffington Post (UK) , 2013
New Exhibition Of Original LOLCATS Raises Money For Charity: Enjoy Guilt-Free

Huffington Post (UK) , 2013
LOLCAT Art: Internet Meme Becomes Real Life Exhibition At London Gallery

Huffington Post (US), 2013
LOLCats Exhibition Debuts In London, Whether You Like It Or Not (PHOTOS)

Timeout blog , 2013
For the LOL of cats: the purrfect exhibition for internet cat lovers

Fox News , 2013
The weird and wonderful world of lolcats

Wired  (US), 2013
LOLCat: Teh Exhibishun Showcases Our Fascination With Furballs

Wired (UK), 2012
Atists, poets and musicians celebrate web kitties with Lolcat: Teh Exhibishun

Buzzfeed , 2013
Lolcat: Teh Exhibishun

UZOO (VIDEO), 2013
LOLCAT: Teh Exhibishun

Don’t Panic, 2013
Lolcat: Teh Exhibishun

Computer Arts Issue 209 , 2013
‘Lolcat Teh Exhibishun’ Q&A

Creative Review , 2013
More Lolcats

Digital Arts , 2013
Eelevating the lolcat phenomenon with a feline themed group show

Laughing Squid, 2013
Lolcat; Teh Exhibishun, a group art show focusing on lolcats

Huffington Post , 2013
New exhibition of original lolcats raises money for charity

Design Taxi , 2013
Creatives collaborate for ‘lolcat: the exibishun

Cap & Design (SWE), 2013
Lolcats intar finsalongen

Form Ffty Five , 2013
Inspiration / Lolcat – Teh Exhibishun

Weekend Notes, 2013
Lolcat – teh exhibishun

Click Tempus Lifestyle , 2013
Llolcats exhibishun at the framer’s gallery in london

The Week Viral World, 2013
What caught fire on the internet this week

Your Cat, 2012
Art show explores the wonderful world of lolcats

We Heart, 2013
Lolcat – Teh Exhibishun Opening

Silicon Republic , 2013
I can has exhibishun: LOLcat art goes on display in London 

Daily Dot , 2013
A critical jaunt through lolcats teh exhibishun

Art Info , 2013
Lolcats exhibition opens at london’s Framers Gallery

The American , 2013
Jan 2013 ‘arts choice’

We Heart , 2012
Lolcat – teh exhibishun; applying genuine art to iconic internet meme

FAD Website, 2012
One-off, One-Day-Only Charity Art Auction. Bid via Twitter. In aid of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

It’s rude to stare, 2012
Internet meme sells out

The Fluffington Post, 2012
Notorious catnip dealer convicted on 3 counts

Pussies on Parade, 2013

The Beholder’s Eyes Inferno Blog, 2013
Lolcat: Teh Exhibishun

Flotsam And Catsam, 2013
Lolcat Teh Exhibishun Not To Be Missed!

LeCool, 2013
Lolcat Teh Exhibishun

Interstate Blog, 2013
I can haz lols

FAD Website, 2013
LOLCAT Teh Exhibishun Opening Tomorrow Tuesday 22nd January 2013

Tikichris, 2013
#LOLCATEXHIBISHUN – A Mewving Exhibition of Cat Inspired Art

Culture Junkie, 2013
Lolcat: Teh Exhibishun

Mandy Fleetwood Blog, 2013
Lolcat: Teh Exhibishun

Design You Trust, 2013
Lolcat: Teh Exhibishun

Catster, 2013
LOLcats Are Elevated to Art at “Teh Exhibishun”

Turquoise Brands Blog, 2013
Lolcat: Teh Exhibishun

Cheezburger, 2013
Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: Innocent Until Proven G– Meh, Whatever… I Did It!

DBLOG, 2013
Lolcat: Teh Exhibishun

Murray Somerville Website, 2013
Butr Kitteh

Crackjack, 2013
Lolcat: Teh Exhibishun

Creative Inspiration, 2013

Charlie Farncombe Blog, 2013
Lolcat: Teh Exhibishun

FLYOTW, 2013
Katnip Kartel

Magic Rabbit Creative, 2013
Lolcat: Teh Exhibishun 


BEATBOX & SUN (2013)


Form Fifty Five, 2013
Beatbox & Sun

Design Week, 2013
Beatbox & Sun

The McGuire Program, 2013
McGuire Programme Partners With Beatbox & Sun


MEDDLE (2013)


Creative Bloq, 2013
New design event tackles tough career questions

Digital Arts, 2013
Meddle ‘ideas hackathon’ aims to work out how we find time to create our passions

Pete Forde Blog, 2013
Write-up by Meddler, Pete Forde.

Ann Holme Blog, 2013
Write-up by Meddler, Ann Holme




BBC Russia, 2011
Выставка “Нация иноземцев” – художники осваивают столицу

The Guardian, 2011
Alien Nation at Great Western Studios – in pictures 

The Londonist, 2011
Alien Nation Exhibition Explores What it Means to be an “Alien” in London

Design Week, 2011
Alien Nation

South African Times, 2011

FAD Website, 2011

Toys R Evil, 2011
Alien Nation – The Art Of Blending In @ Great Western Studios

Adam Bridgeland Blog, 2011
Questions & Answers for Alien Nation

Not Another Bloody Aussie

CIA Blog, 2011
Alien Nation – The Art of Blending In

Lucy Gough Blog, 2011
Upcoming exhibition – Alien Nation

Hungarian Cultural Center, 2011

MJB Studios, 2011
Upcycled Trolley Chairs


PERSONAL (Jenny Theolin / 2010-present)


Grafik Magazine Letterform | 2014
Maestro’s Favourite

Grafik Magazine Viewpoint | 2014
What’s your favourite comic strip and character?

Design Week | Home | News, 2014
A flexible identity for Speed Communications

Design Week | Exhibition, 2014
Illustrating Ping Pong

Digital Arts | Exhibition, 2014
Ping Pong-inspired art stars in upcoming exhibition

Published, 2012
‘Work for money, design for love’ by David Airey

Design Week Voxpops, 2012 – 2014
Which country would win a World Cup of design?
What’s the best idea you’ve had that hasn’t made it to fruition?
What do you think is the best-designed coin, and why?
What is the most useful piece of feedback you’ve ever had from a client?
Is it still important to be able to draw and sketch as a designer?
What colour would you use to sum up 2013?
How do you use Twitter?
What’s your favourite comic?
What is your favourite music video and why?
What is your favourite design from the past 12 months?
What unrealised project do you harbour ambitions of completing?

Design Week | Article, 2012

Design Week | Article, 2010
A world away from keyboard and screen

Computer Arts | Issue 175, 2010

BBC World Service, 2013
Have Your Say – Instagate

Digital Arts | 2014 Creative Reports, 2013
2014 creative trends: leading creatives’ hopes and fears for the year ahead
2014 creative trends: how leading creatives will be developing their work in the year ahead
2014 creative trends: what will be the biggest influences and new tech in the year ahead

Digital Arts | Article, 2013
Can design ever be truly authentic?

Creative Bloq Articles, 2012 – 2014
5 smartphone habits you need to break
How to become an art director
February’s art and design shows that you mustn’t miss
How to free yourself from your smartphone

Young Creative Council, 2012
Jenny Theolin: The Score

Let’s Be Brief, 2013
Are You Fur Real?

Out There Magazine Issue 2, 2011

DBA Insight Magazine, 2011

DESIGNNET Magazine, 2010

Wallpaper Magazine, 2010
Sex Issue: Type Tart Cards