Bring on 2014!

2013 will be very hard to beat.

Best of 2013

Redundancy. Redundancy can be a good thing. There is no hiding the fact that redundancy is predominantly shitty. It’s never easy, but for me it opened a door more than it closed one, and I learnt that opportunity doesn’t always knock.

Starting Soapbox & Sons as a Limted company. Starting a business on your own does not mean you are alone. I’m now a creative consultancy collaborating with individuals and agencies; and working across all disciplines. I’m never alone. Twitter is my virtual office, and I work together with at least 1 other person per project – sometimes up to 60!

Some amazing projects:
LOLCAT – Teh Exhibition – group art show exploring the weird and wonderful world of lolcats.
Beatbox & Sun – a launch party to remember
Eating Sound – where food and music meet
Meddle – an idea-hackathon like no other
Glug – Curating and hosting the June event

Some amazing collaborators:
Daniel Bull
Mike Reed
Mat Dolphin
James McKenzie-Blyth
Manifest LDN

– and many more.

What’s happening in 2014?

feature-688-2Read my interviews in Digital Arts about 2014:

Part 1’2014 creative trends: leading creatives’ hopes and fears for the year ahead”
Part 2 – ‘2014 creative trends: how leading creatives will be developing their work in the year ahead’
Part 3’2014 creative trends: what will be the biggest influences and new tech in the year ahead’

Some key dates next year

- On January 8th, I will be joining the judging panel of the Marketing Design Awards 2014.
- On February 17th, I will be the first female speaker at BLAB in Manchester (hope to see you there!)
- 2 new exhibitions / Call for artists coming soon!
- And in the summer I’m relocating to Birmingham – exciting times ahead.

Merry Christmas from Soapbox copycopy