General Update

We’re not one for email newsletters, so here’s a little post on what is happening in the Soapbox world at the moment.

Speed Communications
In April we launched the identity for Speed Communications, a PR agency based in London.




We have launched and are very excited to see the results of #BAGSIE.
See all the artists here.



Comic Strips
We are also well underway with the website for Comic Strips, a collaboration with Matt Booth, Johnny Cullen and Mike Francis. Can’t wait to launch the website and artist brief!

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 13.00.17


Very excited to announce that Soapbox & Sons (along with Inkygoodness) are bringing Glug to Birmingham this summer! We want to celebrate the wonderful talents in The Midlands, so to launch we’ve chosen the theme: ‘Midland Masters’.  

Read more about it here.

Glug Promo Brum