Dave Brown at Berns | Press Release

Comedian and photographer Dave Brown to exhibit at Berns

In collaboration with curator Jenny Theolin, Berns is hosting a unique photography exhibition by photographer and comedian Dave Brown. In the UK, Brown is best known for his character Bollo the Gorilla in the hugely popular, award-winning comedy show The Mighty Boosh.

BernsAsiatiska_DaveBrown_A4_GB (1)As well as being broadcast as a TV series on the BBC, The Mighty Boosh has had two sell-out tours of the UK, as well as shows in the USA and Australia. In the show, Dave Brown plays Bollo the Gorilla, a popular and well-known character among the British public. And it was due to his role as Bollo the Gorilla that he was invited to spend a few hours with the real-life gorilla Mjukuu at Chessington Zoo, south of London. The encounter resulted in a number of fantastic photos and a semi-final place in the prestigious Wildlife Portrait Awards. Some of these photos are now being exhibited at Berns Asiatiska, together with images from the series Tough Crowd, which presents photographic portraits of other successful British comedians recalling their worst ever gigs.

“It’s fantastic to have a photographer and creative force of Dave’s calibre exhibiting here at Berns. We hope lots of people will stop by and take a look,” says Yvonne Sörensen Björud, CEO of Berns.

Berns Hotel is also being adorned with photographs, this time from Dave Brown’s series Africa and Behind the Boosh plus a number of landscapes. Africa features photos taken during Dave’s visit to various projects run by the charity AfriKids in northern Ghana. Whilst there, he also took part in the Experience Challenge, which involved him working on a village farm in Talensi Nabdam. The result was a fantastic series of action shots and still-life material that went towards helping AfriKids. Some of these photos will be on show at Berns Hotel.

Behind the Boosh originates from an acclaimed exhibition of photos that Dave Brown has been taking behind the scenes on The Mighty Boosh since the late 1990s. These are shots of fellow cast members and close friends spanning 12 years.

The exhibition is a collaboration with curator Jenny Theolin, who has worked in the UK for many years and whose creative work and exhibitions has itself attracted international press attention.

Launch event: 22 October
Berns Asiatiska exhibition: 23 October – 26 November
Berns Hotel: 23 October – 8 January

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The exhibition is sponsored by PÅ Media.

High-resolution images are available upon request.

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