Comic Sans for Cancer

Group“Comic Sans for Cancer” – an exhibition of posters inspired by the 20th anniversary of Comic Sans (the font we all love to hate) with proceeds going to Cancer Research UK. Curated by Chris Flack, Renee Quigley and Soapbox & Sons.

Can Comic Sans have a positive effect on society? To celebrate its 20th anniversary, designers and artists from 34 countries (!) have designed posters representing what Comic Sans means to them. Do they love it or hate it? What would the world be like without the font we all love to hate? The results are both diverse and intriguing and challenge how we look at this divisive font. We have a mixture of international designers/studios, along with emerging and established local talent.

These include Vincent Connare (Comic Sans creator), his nemesis Ban Comic Sans, Bibliothèque, Build, Bunch Design, Oli Frape, Believe In, Hey Studio, Purpose, Spin, Sawdust, The Partners, Kiosk – and many many more. See the full roster below.

From over 500 submissions, 200 posters will be exhibited at The Proud Archivist in London from August 20th – 24th
All posters will be available to purchase at the exhibition with proceeds going to Cancer Research UK.

Please follow us on twitter, like us on facebook  and our friends over at Cancer Research UK would be over the moon with a donation  too.


20th Aug 2014
6pm – 10:30pm

22th – 24th Aug 2014
8am – 10:30 pm


The Proud Archivist
2-10 Hertford Road,
London N1 5ET
Regents Canal (off Kingland Rd)
Haggerston Overground


Chris Flack
Renee Quigley
Soapbox & Sons


Cancer Research UK 


GF Smith
Ripe Digital
Nimbus Hosting
The Proud Archivist





Aaron Hogg
Abbas Mushtaq
Adam Sharp
Adan Contreras
Albert Wijaya
Alex Borg
Alex Ly – France
Alexander Glante
Alexander Jones
Allison McCartney
Amrit Singh
Andra Kradolfe
Andreas Wikstrom
Andy Brown
Andy Mallalieu
Andy Powell
Andy Smith
Anthony Hart
Ban Comic Sans
Believe In
Berger & Fohr
Born & Raised
Bruce Usher
Bunch Design
Callum Griffiths
Capital One
Charlie Earl
Charline Gohier
Chris Davey
Chris Evans
Chris Flack
Chris Jackson
Chris O’leary
Craig Rozynski
Craig Salter
Craig Thomas
Creative Injection
Curtis Edwards
Dan Bull
Dan Hinde
Daniel Fuerst
Danni Storm
Danny Greaves
Darren Friend
Darya Tsaryk
Dave Foster
Dave Kemp
Dave Sedwick
David Airey
David Bailey
Dean Harding
Department Of Words
Dirk Verweij
Doğukan Karapınar
DQ Estudio
Duane Dalton
Edwin Lo
Eliot Hil
Emma Chih
Emma Turland
Ertan Toy
Essen International
Fernando Fernandes
Fiona Battersby
Frey Tag Anderson
Gareth Stranks
Gary Cooke
George Liebergesell
George Simkin
Give Up Art – Stuart Hammerseley
Greg Dodds
Grotesk Studio
Grzegorz Sołowiński
Hey Studio
Ian Caulkett
Ian Paget
IWANT design
James Howley
James Johnston
James O’Connell
Jens Windolf
Jeremy Clark
Jessica Chua
Jessica Matthews
Jim Meston
Jimmy Bickerton
Jimmy Lee
John Custer
Jon Newman
Joseph Blumenfeld
Julian Clark
Keith Hancox
Kenneth Knutsen
Kids with Puns
King Zog
Kurtis and Kurtis
La Fabrica
Laura Darby
Leanne Hoang
Lizzie Mary Cullen
Lorene Ujhelyi
Make Design Happen
Manuel Boden
Margo Wolcott, Jason Wennett & Emily Peters
Marisa De Sena Nachif
Mark Boyce
Mark Osborne
Mash Creative
Matt C Stokes
Matt Jones
Matthew Olejniczak
Matthew Ulstad
Michael Moran
MultiAdaptor & Neil Edwards
Nick Chaffe
Nick Greenbank
Nick Lovegrove
Nicky Morton
Nikos Georgopoulos
Noni Braithwaite
Oli Frape
Olly Gibbs
Omar Tinoco
One Minute Briefs
Pame Mendoza
Papee Thirawat
Paul Andrew
Paul Hicks
Paul Johnson
Petra Grubišić
Pol Solsona
Rashpal Amrit
Renee Granillo
Renee Quigley
Richard Rhodes
Robert Holmkvist
Ross Dalziel
Ryan Dixon
Sandt Design
Scott Lambert
Scott Ogilvie
Sean Rees
Sergio Olivotti
Simon Graham
Simon Harrison
Samuel Fresquet
Stephane Delliot
Stuart Radford
Stuart Watson
Supple Studio
Susan Webb
Ten Dollar Fonts
The Bakery
The Negra
This Studio
Tim George
Tobias Hall
Tom Jarrett
Tom Roberts
Tom Vidalie
Tony Peacock
Tristan Palmer
Tuki Toku
Two Times Elliot
Vincent Connare
Work Form
Yoke Design
Yves Haubois

Please contact us if you wish to have the full press release/kit.

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