Glug Launch – Overview

A3 posterHello Gluggers,

Soapbox & SonsFrancis FloorRider and Brand New Communication present the launch of #GlugStockholm, the first in a series of engaging, energetic and inspiring evening events of talks and pop-up shops in a friendly after work atmosphere a tObaren, central Stockholm.

We are kicking off with the theme of ‘A Swedish Production‘ and speakers include North KingdomKurppa Hosk and Camp David, plus DoeBlombergGottberg andUnited Screens – What a line-up!


David Eriksson / North Kingdom

David Eriksson is the Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder of North Kingdom Design & Communication. David operates from the North Kingdom HQ in Skellefteå, far up north in Sweden. From there he has been overseeing most of North Kingdom’s work for clients such as adidas, Disney, Google, Lego, Coke Zero, Vodafone, AT&T, Toyota & Ericsson. Lately he has been leading the work for the globally awarded projects ”Build With Chrome” & ”The Hobbit – A Journey Through Middle-Earth”

During his career he has won numerous prestigous awards such as 7 gold Cannes Cyber Lions, 1 black and yellow pencil in D&AD, 6 golds in One Show, 2 Grand Awards + 3 Gold NY Festivals, 2 Gold Clio Awards, 2 SOTY and 3 PCOTY FWA, 5 golds LIA, and more. David is also a proud member of the Swedish Council for Cultural and Creative Industries reporting to the swedish government.

Måns Jacobsson Hosk / Kurppa Hosk

Måns is co-founder of Kurppa Hosk and works as CEO and Brand Strategist. His passion is to help businesses and brands benefit from the world’s ongoing cultural, technological and societal shifts. He strongly believes that the tool for doing so is a human-centric brand approach that combines business thinking with art and technology.

Before founding Kurppa Hosk, Måns worked as a creative and a brand strategist for some of Scandinavia’s (and the world’s) leading brands such as Arla, Pfizer, Scania, Absolut Vodka, P&G, Unilever, Burger King, Warner Music and Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Måns speaks regularly at events all over the world about design as a tool for creating attractive brand experiences. He also holds a position on the advisory board of his alma mater Berghs School of Communication – recently appointed the world’s best communication school.

Åsa Riton / Camp David

Åsa’s aim in life is to merge art and film. Her visual language is experimental and unique, pushing the boundaries of the conventional, bringing it into a world of her own. Her second aim in life is world domination of course.

Åsa comes from a strong artistic background, with degrees from both Central St Martins and The Danish Film School. Her work has been shown at the Gothenburg International Film Festival, Helsinki Short Film Festival, Kulturhuset Stockholm and The London Institute of Contemporary Arts.

When she’s not filming David Lynch, The Knife or Henrik Vibskov, Åsa directs commercials, music videos and documentaries.

Fredrik Blomberg & Tommy Gottberg / DoeBlombergGottberg

We welcome the creators of Experiment Ensam to share their story of how this very successful campaign came to be.

About Experiment Ensam: Bob Dylan:
Do we have more fun together with others? In Experiment Ensam gambling company PAF investigates the role of community to human enjoyment and well-being. One of Sweden’s, perhaps even the world’s, biggest Bob Dylan fans saw his idol perform at an arena gig – all alone. How did Fredrik find the experiment? Did he experience complete euphoria or a feeling of emptiness creeping in when there was no one to share the experience with?

Jenny Ericsson and Nicolin Lillhage / United Screens

Founded by Stina Honkama, the former Head of Google and Youtube in Sweden, United Screens is now the biggest nordic Youtube network. Their programs include Big Steve from Sweden, Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time and Tumba Ping Pong Crew. We welcome two of their Youtube experts to share the stage and tell us all about it.


This is the first Glug in Scandinavia, so we would like to start it with a WOOP and a WHAM, so we have also invited international artists to take part in an exhibition in conjunction with the event.

Tom Holmes (Competition WINNER)
Murray Somerville
Nick Chaffe
Chris Flack
Eddy Davis
Paper Planes
Tom Cocks
Nikita Dudson
Matylda Mcilvenny
Mali Sagmoen
James Oconnell
Nathan Bolton

Sponsor: PÅ Media

Pop-up art market:


Anni Tuikka

One of Annis “things” is to draw on big windows. When there are no windows around to fill with colorful imaginary shapes and patterns, she sticks to smaller sized pieces of glass in pretty frames. Another thing Anni does with passion is painting with acrylic, also on big surfaces but mainly in standard sized paintings. Anni recently finished another mural at the new restaurant Savoy Grill in Malmö. A big glass drawing can be seen at Kulturmejeriet in Lund. Check out some of her work at

A4, A5 & A6 Drawings on Glass

Swish & Cash

Dano Marr

Dano is an American artist and expat living in Stockholm since 2013. Passionate about self-awareness, the outdoors, and a dash of sword-and-sworcery, his artwork is part of an ongoing project to master the art of watercolor by producing hundreds of paintings per year, each in sixty minutes.

He also loves Spider-Man, Star Wars, and old school Kung Fu movies.

A5 Original 60-minute Watercolors

Swish / Cash

Jessica Eriksson

Insta: @persikamy

My name is Jessica Eriksson. I am a colorful and creative individual from Umeå Sweden who has a burning passion for illustrations, art and patterns.

 I am resourceful, artistic and always try to translate innovative ideas into vivid and original works. The term “more is more” can easily characterize my art and work.

My curiosity is what´s trigger my brain to work. Always looking for the small things. I love to create stuff that makes you curious and tickles your imagination. And maybe just maybe inspire you to use just a little bit more colour in you everyday life.

A4 200 SEK
30×40 400 SEK

iZettle / Swish

Oskar Palmbeck

Insta: @palmbackart

“Skrotnisse”, abandoned places , animals and nature are the main focuses of my creations. To build worlds with these ingredients gives me the same feeling as when you were little and built with Lego without an instruction manual. It becomes a kind of method to maintain the fantasy and curiosity in life. Small details with thin pen, often black and with strange proportions is my goal.

T-shirts 250Kr each
Ink drawings A3 (originals) around 2000kr
Prints A3 “Limeted” 400kr


Sabina Wroblewski Gustrin

Insta @sabinawgustrin

My name is Sabina and I work as a designer and illustrator. I believe that life’s small and big moments should be celebrated with a personalized handwritten card.

Written down in a special notebook. Served on a beautiful tray and recognized by uniquely designed and carefully selected gifts.

I love pattern design. for example by Viola Gråsten, Joseph Frank, Tricia Guild and the Art & Crafts movement. The rich heritage of the Scandinavian and Central European fairy tale tradition, the deep dark sea, nature’s magic and folk art are great sources of inspiration. My multicultural background, international career and training at Konstfack (College of Arts) has influenced me as a designer.

Products: Posters, notebooks, wrapping paper, cards, lampshades, decorative cushions, trays, trivets, cutting boards and tea towels and fabric with decorative designs and illustrations.

Green thinking: Yes! Printing environmentally friendly and locally as far as possible.

I hope that my products will inspire a more colorful life!

Notebooks and notepads: Prices; 49, 59 och 69:-.
Greeting Cards: Prices; 30, 35, 40:-
Tea Towels: Price;149:-

iZettle / Swish

Hello Von (Matt)

Whilst having worked primarily as an award winning illustrator Von has begun to make a name for himself on the gallery circuit in recent years having been collected by both high profile figures within, and outside of, the art world. Influenced by nature and popular culture his artwork is both detailed and abstract, being able to flawlessly walk the line between surrealism and documentary portraiture capturing a mood in what appears to be a fleeting moment in time.Von has been featured in numerous publications across the globe, released sell out screen prints & collector’s box sets and has exhibited in such prestigious venues as Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects Gallery, Colette, StolenSpace, The London Design Museum and Agnes B among many others.

Von has previously had solo shows in London, NY and LA.

Price TBA


Murray Somerville


Murray Somerville is the man responsible for the weird imaginings of super fighting toasters, conjoined twins playing battleships and exploding melon heads! His work has been on 8million Beck’s beer bottles; been seen on ITV drama “Broadchurch” ; he’s self-published a series of zines and has had murals of his work all over London! He’s currently working on his first animation for a music video alongside illustrator Jamie Mills.

Ranging from zines / editorials / comics / commercial illustrations /posters / t-shirts / exhibitions / lectures / workshops and anything else that falls under the blazing sun- Murray puts himself out there as a modern day illustrator, ready for anything!

Murray is also involved in several collaborations and collectives such as: Melon Shrub Dazeray

Prints & Postcards
x3 melon collie
x3 macro shrub #3
x3 macro shrub #5
x3 macro shrub #6
x10  misc. EyeCandy postcard + badge

Cash / PayPal

Glug – More Notworking™ than Networking

Glug is a series of events for the design and creative community. Our showcase event is held in London but there are now 10 other events around the world.

Based around a series of talks and informal networking, Glug has become one of the most exciting, credible and well attended creative events around.

Established in 2006, it’s an eclectic mix of people from all creative walks of life; from digital design, illustration, advertising, cutting edge creative technology through to fashion and architecture.

Glug started five years ago as a handful of mates talking shop in an East London pub. Six years later it’s now a regular global event with over 10,000 signed-up members on MeetUp.

Over this time we’ve had great talks, film preview, live art, installations and exhibitions from the likes of Airside, Anthony Burrill, Baiyon, Dixon Baxi, I Love Dust, Jason Bruges Studio, Mainframe, Marc Kremers, Noma Bar and Why Not Associates. Alongside these regular Glugs, we’ve also run events in conjunction with Arts & Business, D&AD, DAHRA, GameCity and Pick Me Up.

More Notworking than Networking™

Please note: Refunds will only be processed if the event is cancelled or moved to another date.

About the organisers:

Jenny Theolin of Soapbox & Sons, who after 14 years living and working in London moved to Stockholm with the ambition to break down international borders and bridge creative gaps.

Together with Clara Nordlander Wiberg, owner of newly founded production company, shop and gallery Francis Floor, her brother Johan Theolin, MD and partner at Rider Eventmarketing, and Emma Egnell, founder of Brand New Communication, they aim to launch #GlugStockholm with a bang.

Soapbox & Sons
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Francis Floor
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Rider Eventmarketing
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Brand New Communication
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Glug – Notworking™
London, Beijing, Birmingham, Brighton, Edinburgh, Oxford, Leeds, Auckland, Stockholm & NYC.

See you at the bar!


I’M @Sweden | 2-8 March, 2015

For one whole week, I have been nominated to tweet from the Official @Sweden account. Follow me there and spread the #CreativeSweden hashtag!



About @Sweden
Every week, someone in Sweden is @Sweden: sole ruler of the world’s most democratic Twitter account. For seven days, he or she recommends things to do and places to see, sharing diverse opinions, and ideas along the way. After that, someone else does the same—but differently. Follow all nine million of us. Welcome to Sweden.

As the first country in the world, Sweden hands over the country’s official Twitter account to its citizens.The project Curators of Sweden is an initiative of the Swedish institute and VisitSweden, both part of NSU, the National Board for the promotion of Sweden. Every week another person receives exclusivity over the Twitter account @sweden, which aims to present the country of Sweden through the mix of skills, experiences and opinions it actually consists of. By means of the various curators’ narrations, not one Sweden is conveyed, but several.

Why Curators of Sweden?
In an age of mass communication and increasing globalization, a country depends largely on how it is perceived abroad. Political objectives, trade, investments, visitors, exchange of talent and creativity are all heavily dependent on the view of the outside world. Sweden’s development and future prosperity depend on strong relations with the outside world and a more active exchange with other countries in many areas. This is only possible, if more people are familiar with Sweden and become interested in the country and what it has to offer.

Why Twitter?
Twitter is a global social-networking service and micro-blog that allows users to send and read messages, known as tweets. The messages are text-based and may be up to 140 characters long. Twitter as a medium makes it easy to reach out to the target audience in realtime. It is quick to update and to share content. Anyone can follow the Curator of Sweden and the network’s global reach means that the message can be received all over the world. The medium is also very useful for engaging followers in a dialogue.

What’s the thought behind Curators of Sweden?
The idea with Curators of Sweden is that each curator will share both their own and relevant third party’s thoughts, stories, information and other content that is somehow linked to Sweden. The idea is that the curators, through their tweets, create interest and arouse curiosity for Sweden and the wide range the country has to offer. The expectation is that the curators will paint a picture of Sweden, different to that usually obtained through traditional media.


Soapbox + Berghs + Grafik

Design like you give a damn

Happy to announce the impending collaboration between us, Berghs School of Communication and Grafik Magazine later in March.

Taking some inspiration from James Victore’s ‘Design like you give a damn’ mentality and Soapbox & Sons’ urge to do new and innovative collaboration, 25 students from Berghs will be receiving a very topical and cultural brief with the aim to ‘give a damn’ through design.

The course we are working with is Graphic Design, and the module Communication Design. Jenny Theolin will be lecturing and guiding these students through a real-life Soapbox & Sons exhibition project, with the aim to disrupt and challenge traditional conventions through ‘graphic design journalism’.

Together with Sophia Wood, they will be pushing the students to their limits – and with Grafik as a partner in damn-giving, you never know, we will hopefully make an impact!

We’re hoping to share our results in an exhibition in April.

If you are a Stockholm venue who’d like to feature some of the best creative young guns, please get in touch.

Skärmavbild 2015-02-24 kl. 12.08.29About Berghs School of Communication

When you join Berghs you join the best school in the world. But don’t take our word for it. The international advertising industry’s Awards body Cannes Future Lions, voted us the Best Advertising School in the World not once, but three times – in 2014, 2011 and 2010. So learn with the best. Become the best. Welcome to Berghs SoC.

A professional and creative powerhouse in Sweden since its founding in 1941, Berghs’ global reputation continues to grow powerfully. Berghs’ graduates occupy senior strategic and creative positions at the world’s most influential agencies. Spearheading some of the international advertising and communications industries most important developments, their groundbreaking work regularly earns worldwide acclaim and Awards.

Skärmavbild 2015-02-24 kl. 12.07.52About Grafik Magazine is a home for the world’s most inspiring graphic design. Building on our 20-year heritage in print as Grafik magazine, we tap into the brilliant designers, curators, critics and image-makers who shape visual culture. Operating from our London office, we report on the latest projects by both upcoming and established design talent, explore graphic design history, represent the ideas of design practitioners, and provide a forum for thinking and writing about graphic design.

We look forward to share all the results with you in April!


#GlugStockholm *Call for Artists*

sweden-stockholm-view.jpg_2092326501The Event, 19.03.15

Interested in being part of a collaboration to launch Glug Stockholm on March 19th?

The series is kicking off with an event dedicated to creativity, the Swedish way. We will be hosting the event at OBaren, an intimate bar venue in central Stockholm. And we are happy to announce that our speakers include North KingdomCamp David and Kurppa Hosk. 

This is the first Glug in Scandinavia, so we would like to start it with a WOOP and a WHAM. Therefore we’re inviting international artists to take part in the event itself, followed by a travelling exhibition in Stockholm (date and locations TBC).

Find out more about what Glug is here.


The Brief, Deadline 02.03.15

Inspired by the theme of ‘creativity in Sweden we’re asking you to design our official Glug Stockholm poster – think: fun and inventive illustrated posters bursting with personality. Your design can be purely image-based, typographical or a combination of the two – inspirational quotes, short narratives, humorous characters, geometric patterns, playful or silly  – anything goes! We’re excited to see how you interpret the theme.

For the launch event, we will shortlist our favourite 30x posters, and one winner! The first 50 guests will be receiving one of the winning posters with their ticket. HUZZAH!

Our print partner is PÅ Media, and the prints will be available to purchase on the evening of Glug for 150 SEK each with 70% of the profits retained by the artist. See terms below for more details.

Design your poster
You may enter as many times as you wish – entry is FREE!

To fit in with the Glug style, please use Raleway

Feel free to use any combination of the Glug colour palette.

Skärmavbild 2015-02-09 kl. 16.24.49Dimensions
A3 Print (297 x 420 mm – 3mm bleed)

Low res RGB for email submission. Hi Res CMYK file must be available on request

Glug logo
Please do not add any brand logo’s, dates or other information pertaining to the event onto your poster design. We will work with our 1st prize winner to add these details in later.


1. Email a low res jpg of your entry (700px wide) to with the subject “GLUG POSTER EXHIBITION” no later than midday on Monday March 2nd, 2015.
2. Please name your artwork file with your full name and poster title.
3. Original, hi resolution files must be available on request. Due to the number of potential submissions, only short listed artists will be contacted.
4. Share your work on Instagram & twitter with @soapboxandsons and use the hashtag #GlugStockholm

Terms of entry

By submitting artwork, each entrant gives Soapbox & Sons, Francis Floor, Rider and Brand New Communication a non-exclusive, perpetual, transferable, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully paid-up license to use, and display the artwork online, offline, or in print, including but not limited to,,, and, and on all printed marketing material related to Glug Stockholm. By submitting artwork entrants consent to the production and sale of their artwork as a limited edition of up to 10 on the evening of March 19th, 2015 at Glug Stockholm. Prints will be sold for 150 SEK each, with artists retaining 70% of the profits from the sale of their prints. The remaining 30% will be split 50/50 between PÅ Media and Glug Stockholm to cover the cost of production.


The Glug Stockholm Team

Jenny Theolin of Soapbox & Sons, who after 14 years living and working in London moved to Stockholm with the ambition to break down international borders and bridge creative gaps.

Together with Clara Nordlander Wiberg, owner of newly founded production company, shop and gallery Francis Floor, her brother Johan Theolin, MD and partner at Rider Eventmarketing, and Emma Egnell, founder of Brand New Communication, they aim to launch #GlugStockholm with a bang.

Soapbox & Sons
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Francis Floor
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Rider Eventmarketing
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Brand New Communication
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Glug – Notworking™
London, Beijing, Birmingham, Brighton, Edinburgh, Oxford, Leeds, Auckland, Stockholm & NYC.
Sign up to the Glug mailing list here as they’re moving away from Meetup for our events.
See you at the bar.



Hyper Island STHLM

HI_detaljSoapbox & Sos have moved in to Hyper Island in Stockholm. Working as an Industry Leader in Branding for Digital Media Program for the Branding and Communications Module, I am lecturing, mentoring and assessing a class of 45. Together with brand strategist Michael Ericsson.

About HI
Hyper Island designs learning experiences that challenge companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world. Their range of immersive programs and courses seeks to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to lead the change and begin a journey of lifelong learning.

They designed their learning experiences in collaboration with industry leaders to respond directly to both current needs and possible future challenges. The programs and courses are constantly improved upon and updated in their Concept Design Seminars.

By using a set of methodology that focuses on the why as much as the how and the what, on team collaboration instead of individual effort, they challenge participants to grow personally and professionally. They introduce new ways of thinking and learning for participants to develop themselves into lifelong learners.


Glug Stockholm planning has begun…

Screen-Shot-2014-08-12-at-16.00.15Coming soon to a venue near you. In Stockholm.

About Glug

Glug is a series of events for the design and creative community. Their showcase event is held in London but there are now 8 other events around the world.

Based around a series of talks and informal networking, Glug has become one of the most exciting, credible and well attended creative events around.

Established in 2007, it’s an eclectic mix of people from all creative walks of life; from advertising and graphic design through to fashion and architecture.

Glug started as a handful of mates talking shop in an East London pub. Two years later and it’s an international and national event with over 8000 signed-up members on MeetUp.

Over this time we’ve had great talks, film preview, live art, installations and exhibitions from the likes of Airside, Anthony Burrill, BaiyonB-Reel, Dixon Baxi, Google Creative Labs, I Love Dust, Jason Bruges Studio, usTwo™, Mainframe, Marc Kremers, Noma Bar, Wolff Olins and Why Not Associates.

Alongside these regular Glugs, they have also run events in conjunction with Arts & Business, D&AD, DAHRA, GameCity, PickMeUp and charities such as Shelter.

Currently they’re popping up regularly in: London, New York City, Birmingham, Beijing, Brighton, Edinburgh, Auckland & Nottingham.

So there it is, get yourselves down! New Gluggers are always welcome to come along and see what it’s all about, so bring a friend and get Notworking™.


Meet the Stockholm Team:

We are joining forces with two Stockholm-based creative agencies to launch Glug Stockholm.
Meet Francis Floor and Rider:

About Francis Floor

Francis Floor is a production house, fashion store and gallery.

Francis Floor Production is a creative agency with the main objective of producing original content for new digital platforms in order to create meaningful interactions between brands and their customers. Their studio is located at Södermalm in Stockholm, where they produce content for both local and international clients such as CNN, Gina Tricot and Stockholm Film Festival.Francis Floor was founded by Kristin Sjöström and Clara Nordlander Wiberg in January 2013.

Francis Floor Store is an independent boutique that stocks carefully handpicked pieces from all over the world, from Barcelona to New York City to Buenos Aires and many more. With a strong focus on individuality and style, the clothes always sold in limited quantities.

The actual store and showroom is located in the SOFO area of Södermalm Francis Floor Store & Showroom is part of a community of small businesses’ owners that strive to keep an independent spirit in an ever evolving and exciting city like Stockholm.

Francis Floor Gallery is a pop up gallery at the Francis Floor fashion Store.


About Rider 

Specialists within event marketing, retail marketing, sponsorship and corporate events.

Rider was founded in Stockholm, in a basement, by Johan Theolin and Richard Otto. Their mission was to use the ”experience” in purpose to change, improve and enhance the different brands position in their own market. Today, Rider is a full service agency in event marketing, and operates within event, retail, sponsoring and corporate events.

Rider have also built Sweden’s largest resource within event-staff recruitment with over 60 000 people in their database. This makes them market leading when it comes to recruitment for in-store events, sampling events and events.

Since 2012, Rider is the co-owner of the company Brand New Communication. A business with the purpose of enhancing our knowledge within communication B2B and B2E. A cooperation which has showed to be succesfull!

2013 they launched Roamler. The service Roamler offers is to to help our clients with fast, cost effective gathering of information in and outside the stores.

Rider on Facebook


50 years, 50 portraits, 16+ Exhibitions

If Not Now, When? Touring Photography Exhibition

With experience in the inclusive design sector, and our aim to really try to make a difference with the work we do, we’re very excited to announce the new exhibition project we’ve been brought on board to do PR for.


Meet Michael Whelan, a multi-award winning photographer who, in the past 18 months, has travelled across the UK taking photographs of the attendees at the charity, Contact The Elderly‘s, tea-parties. (Read about the charity further down.)

Michael and his team, including Louise Turner from We Are Flock, have developed this project idea to commemorate the charity’s 50th Jubilee to visually represent their mission and have produced a series 50 portraits to commemorate 50 years. “We will hope to change opinions on loneliness and social isolation by using photography as a form of long-lasting positive communication”, says Michael.


The inspiration for this project came from a news interview featuring Trevor Lyttleton, the founder and chairman of Contact The Elderly discussing the importance of recognising and tackling loneliness and social isolation amongst the elderly.

“The body of work has been developed out of consideration of how to visually represent loneliness. By exploring this dark emotion in such a way, this is a fresh approach at tackling the taboo of loneliness. I want to produce this to raise awareness and give an insight to feeling socially isolated. ” he explains.

This has culminated in a hard-back book, a touring exhibition and a newspaper that will be distributed throughout local communities in key public spaces.

So far the projects successes include gaining funding from the Arts Council England and Waltham Forest Council, as well as securing various exhibition spaces at venues throughout the UK – 16 in fact!


You’ll be hearing a lot more soon! This dedicated and passionate project will be well worth a visit, so please check back in regularly for updates!

About the charity

Contact the Elderly is the only national charity solely dedicated to tackling loneliness and social isolation among older people. 

Supported by a network of volunteers, the charity organises monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties for small groups of older people, aged 75 and over, who live alone. Offering a regular and vital friendship link every month.

Each older person is collected from their home by a volunteer driver and taken to a volunteer host’s home for the afternoon. The group is warmly welcomed by a different host each month, but the drivers remain the same which means that over the months and years, acquaintances turn into friends and loneliness is replaced by companionship.

Our tea parties are a real lifeline of friendship for our older guests who have little or no contact with family or friends. They bring people of all ages together, develop fulfilling friendships and support networks, and give everyone involved something to look forward to each month.

Funded by


Keynote speach, Limkokwing University

In conjunction with Limkokwing University of Creative Technology‘s Ebola Awareness Poster Design Competition, I have been asked to do a 20-25mins keynote speech  on how poster design can help create awareness and battle worldwide problems like this.

This Exhibition & Award Ceremony will take place on the 14 November 2014 from 15:00 at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology – London. 106, Piccadilly, London W1J 7NL, United Kingdom; +44(0)20 7758 5700; +44(0)20 7758 5757

Please email me if you would like to attend!

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (referred to as LUCTLKW or just Limkokwing) is a private international university with a presence across Africa, Europe and Asia. With its main campus in Malaysia, the university has over 30,000 students from more than 150 countries, studying in its 12 other campuses in BotswanaCambodia, China, IndonesiaLesothoSierra LeoneSwaziland and the United Kingdom. In 2002 the institute became the first private college to be recognized as a University College.

The university have also created the STOP #EBOLA campaign in Sierra Leone to help fight the killer disease.

Skärmavbild 2014-11-12 kl. 12.01.41

About the competition
Can Designers Raise Public Awareness About Ebola?

Limkokwing University is inviting all designers worldwide to enter the International Poster Competition. The main objective of this competition is raise global awareness of the dangers of Ebola, a virus with no specific cure.

A prize of £350 will be awarded to the winning entry.
A prize of £150 will be awarded to the runner-up.
All entries will be published on Limkokwing University of Creative Technology’s website and all its social media, especially at its African campuses.

The Last Stand by Marc Wilson

Very excited to be working with Marc Wilson launching his photography book The Last Stand.
More event details soon, but it will be taking place at Anise Gallery, London this December.

The Last Stand, documents the physical remnants of war in the 20th century in the UK and Northern Europe. By photographing remaining man-made military defence structures situated around their coastal areas, which now sit silently in the landscape, imbued with recent history, Wilson has created a permanent photographic record of the past. Some remain proud and strong, some are gently decaying; many now lie prone beneath the cliffs where they once stood, but through the effects of the passing years, all have become part of the fabric of the changing landscape that surrounds them.

Over these four years Marc has traveled to 143 locations to capture these images, along the coastlines of the UK, The Channel Islands, Northern & Western France, Denmark, Belgium and Norway

Have a read about his project on BBC – In pictures and more information about Marc can be found on his website.

MW_LE_The Last Stand. Arromanche les Bains, Norman

The Last Stand. Arromanche les Bains, Normandy, France, 2012

MW_LE_The Last Stand. Cramond Island, Fife, ScotlaCramond Island, Firth of Forth, Scotland, 2012

Dave Brown at Berns | Press Release

Comedian and photographer Dave Brown to exhibit at Berns

In collaboration with curator Jenny Theolin, Berns is hosting a unique photography exhibition by photographer and comedian Dave Brown. In the UK, Brown is best known for his character Bollo the Gorilla in the hugely popular, award-winning comedy show The Mighty Boosh.

BernsAsiatiska_DaveBrown_A4_GB (1)As well as being broadcast as a TV series on the BBC, The Mighty Boosh has had two sell-out tours of the UK, as well as shows in the USA and Australia. In the show, Dave Brown plays Bollo the Gorilla, a popular and well-known character among the British public. And it was due to his role as Bollo the Gorilla that he was invited to spend a few hours with the real-life gorilla Mjukuu at Chessington Zoo, south of London. The encounter resulted in a number of fantastic photos and a semi-final place in the prestigious Wildlife Portrait Awards. Some of these photos are now being exhibited at Berns Asiatiska, together with images from the series Tough Crowd, which presents photographic portraits of other successful British comedians recalling their worst ever gigs.

“It’s fantastic to have a photographer and creative force of Dave’s calibre exhibiting here at Berns. We hope lots of people will stop by and take a look,” says Yvonne Sörensen Björud, CEO of Berns.

Berns Hotel is also being adorned with photographs, this time from Dave Brown’s series Africa and Behind the Boosh plus a number of landscapes. Africa features photos taken during Dave’s visit to various projects run by the charity AfriKids in northern Ghana. Whilst there, he also took part in the Experience Challenge, which involved him working on a village farm in Talensi Nabdam. The result was a fantastic series of action shots and still-life material that went towards helping AfriKids. Some of these photos will be on show at Berns Hotel.

Behind the Boosh originates from an acclaimed exhibition of photos that Dave Brown has been taking behind the scenes on The Mighty Boosh since the late 1990s. These are shots of fellow cast members and close friends spanning 12 years.

The exhibition is a collaboration with curator Jenny Theolin, who has worked in the UK for many years and whose creative work and exhibitions has itself attracted international press attention.

Launch event: 22 October
Berns Asiatiska exhibition: 23 October – 26 November
Berns Hotel: 23 October – 8 January

For more information about opening times

The exhibition is sponsored by PÅ Media.

High-resolution images are available upon request.

group pic2

Dave Brown Exhibition *Coming Soon*

Stockholm, are you ready?

Lots of project being planned in Sweden’s Capital.

First up, Dave Brown’s photographic debut at Berns in Stockholm opening October 23 2014.
More information coming soon! Watch this space for more news, PV dates and more.

group pic2Dave Brown is a London based creative with 20 years experience in the industry. He is predominantly a designer/art director and has worked with top agencies in London and Sydney along with experience working in Europe, Africa, the Middle & Far East.

In 2007 Dave set up his own creative agency, APE. Dave’s expertise is wide ranging working for large corporate brands through to small independent artists. He is passionate about brand development, advertising, animation & typography.

Dave is also a very keen and successful photographer working with many of his design clients and has also exhibited in galleries in London and throughout the UK.

Dave is proud of his charity work. He was recently appointed an ambassador of the child’s rights organisation AfriKids and was also recently awarded an Honorary M.A by Buckinghamshire University for his work in the creative industries.

Dave also directs and performs as a comic actor, musician and choreographer most famously in The Mighty Boosh where amongst other characters he plays Bollo who happens to be an APE.

This exhibition showcases an eclectic mix of shots from Dave’s solo projects, his design clients and his charity fund raising work.

Hosted by Berns, Stockholm
Sponsored by PÅ Media

Travelling in Black & White *Coming Soon*

Thrilled to be doing the exhibition marketing and PR for Christophe Dolhem’s solo photography exhibition in London Nov 24th to 29th at The Framers Gallery – Save the dates!

‘Travelling in Black & White’

Photography exhibition by Christophe Dolhem
The Framers Gallery, Nov 24 – 29, 2014

Christophe’s Solo Show featuring his intimate and very personal photographs documenting his life and worldwide travels.

These photographs have been taken in London, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Aeolian Islands and other places around the world. Although these areas differ in many respects – not least geographically – the photographs align themselves through a common feature, which can be attributed to their
style and aesthetic expression.

The pictures contain a keynote characterised by the searching melancholic’s experience of life, which means that the strong sense of being present in place and time simultaneously involves a vein of loss.

This exhibition includes 14 large and 5 medium-sized photographs – and will be exhibited at The Framers Gallery Nov 24 – 29, 2014

About the photographer

Christophe Dolhem belongs to the photographers who sees the beautiful and evocative in life – even in the most mundane things and events. With an eye for abstraction, he creates images with a dreamlike clarity. Here one can find gardens run wild, views from windows, deserted rooms and other places full of atmosphere. Towns shrouded in darkness or beaches bathing in light, but also people whose gestures and charisma direct one’s thoughts to characters of the literary world. Christophe is Traveling a lot for his job as a designer and his pictures take us to different parts of the world. If one looks at several photographs at the same time, a diary-like characteristic appears.

The transience lends the photographs a touch of melancholy, something which their rich grey scale often helps to accentuate. Christophe works mostly in black and white and sometimes in color and entirely analog which is part of his creative process.

Most of the pictures are taken with his cherished Nikormat, and Nikon FM2 using 50 mm 80 mm and 200 mm lenses.

Born in France, educated in Sweden (art history, graphic design and art Direction), Christophe is also a designer. Truly passionate by aesthetics, people and culture he is the founder of Dolhem Design, a multidisciplinary design agency founded in Stockholm 1998, working with a select group of brands and companies from offices in Stockholm, London and Shanghai.

Print Poetry Judge

The lovely folks at Bunch have approached me to be a judge for their #PrintPoetry Twitter competition launching on September 18th.

teaser_3Cerovski Print Boutique and Bunch are launching the Print Poetry competition in collaboration with Hyperactive. The aim is to get you thinking creatively and think of print-related rhymes, which you can enter to be in with the chance of having your rhyme printed on a limited edition set of tote bags.Print Poetry is a fun, creative project run through Twitter that hopes to get people involved in coming up with their own print-related rhymes.

Fellow judge Dave Brown and I will decide the 5 best rhymes. These 5 winners will get 5 tote bags with each of the winning rhymes on them — including their own.

There is also the chance to win a runner-up prize of 1 tote bag with one of the 5 winning rhymes of your choice on it. All you have to do is visit the Print Poetry website and share some of the rhymes you think are the best.

For more details and to enter the competition, info coming soon!



Bunch is a leading creative design studio offering a diverse range of work, including, identity, literature, editorial, digital and motion. Established in 2002 with an international reach, from London to Zagreb, Bunch has an in-house team of specialists to deliver intelligent and innovative cross-platform solutions of communication design.

Cerovski Print Boutique 

Cerovski Print Boutique is a young but respectable Croatian print production studio, which is well known as a printing company that runs under the challenge of “nebulous finishing, microscopic editions, absurd materials, kinky prepress and crazy deadlines”.

Winners of many awards such as the International FPO Awards for 2013/14 and 2011/12 prove that they stand side by side with renowned global printing houses.


Hyperactive is a creative-technology studio based in Zagreb, Croatia, specializing in the design and development of web and mobile solutions. They have helped some of the leading worldwide corporations such as Oracle, Ericsson, T-mobile and Citroen launch successful digital products in both local and regional markets, ranging from corporate social networks, facebook apps, specialized mobile health solutions, all the way to financials and mobile workforce applications.




Plus Dave Brown

As well as running his own design company Ape Inc, Dave Brown is also a writer, director and performer. He is perhaps best known for his role as ‘Bollo’ in the series The Mighty Boosh.


/ Jenny Theolin

A new ID for Glug & Glug hits Brum

As a good friend and fellow Glugger, I am super chuffed to see their glorious rebrand.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 16.00.15

This design was a collaboration between MadeStudio and Studio Output, and included the new Glug website and new visual look. Smashing, wouldn’t you say?
Credits: Dan Moore & Lucy Gibson at Studio Output (Design) & Nick Clement at MadeStudio (Direction and Digital) 


Glug Birmingham / Midland Masters / 21 August 2014

I am also very happy with the amazing job Lisa at InkyGoodness has done on bringing Glug to Birmingham. This was a project started by Soapbox & Sons, when we were relocating up north. But, as the plans changed, Lisa took over and boy has she done a great job. Below are the details, do try and make it if you can!

Glug brings together the finest creative talent from the Midlands and beyond for an evening of inspiring talks, live art and playful activities, curated by Inkygoodness & Created in Birmingham at Fazeley Studios in the creative hub of Digbeth, Birmingham.

Live Art, Creative Talks (Alex Fowkes, Studio Output, WASTE Studio, PROVIDE, Well Made Studio, Hero of Switzerland & FRUKT), Outdoor BBQ, Pop-Up Art Market & Free Drink on Arrival!*

A celebration of the creative talent in the region, ‘Midland Masters’ will explore the challenges faced by today’s design studios and independent practioners, inviting debate, discussion and reflection on a wide range of creative disciplines from illustration to graphic design and digital media. It’s the chance to see established and up and coming contemporaries give stimulating talks, make live art and discover handmade products by local sellers. It’s about talking, collaborating and drinking – not business card swapping.

Come and join us. Bring a friend and get Notworking

Fazeley Studios
191 Fazeley Street
Digbeth B5 5SE
Tickets £7.50 @glug #glugbrum

Tickets now on sale via Eventbrite:

Speakers for Glug Birmingham 21.08.14

Alex Fowkes
Alex Fowkes is a freelance designer from London. He graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2010 with First-Class Honours in Graphic Design. Clients include Sony Music, Empire and Timba Smits. 

Norm Hayes / Waste Studio
Nottingham-based creative agency Waste are a collaborative and forward-thinking team with a genuine passion for what they do. They have curated events and collaborated on projects in the Midlands since 2004. 

Alun Edwards & Chris Allwood / Studio Output
Founded in 2002 in Nottingham by three partners, Studio Output now has offices in London, Beijing and a dedicated motion company

Matt Nation / PROVIDE
PROVIDE is an experiment. Everything they do is motivated by three simple choices: Choose Adventure. Embrace Failure. Defy Impossible. 

Dan Button / Hero of Switzerland & FRUKT
Co-founder and creative director of illustration collective Hero of Switzerland, Dan Button is also Senior Designer at FRUKT Source, a creative agency specialising in music, entertainment and lifestyle marketing trends across the globe.

Gemma Germains / Well Made Studio
Well Made Studio are Joe, Doug and Gemma. Spread across Liverpool and London, they design, write and plan for publishing, lifestyle and cultural brands. 

Live Drawing
Brothers of the Stripe are a UK based collective mixing a variety of image-making styles across art, graphic design, and illustration. 


Pop-Up Art Market

Colourful prints, original artworks and handmade products by local illustrators and image-makers Sparrow + Wolf (Stationary) – 

Sam Pierpoint (Art Prints & Handpainted Shoes) –

Codswallop Collective (Art Prints) –

PROVIDE (Clothing & Accessories) –

LizzLizz (Comics) –

Bethany Thompson (Art Prints) –

Outcrowd Collective (Prints & Originals) –

Brothers of the Stripe (Prints & Originals) –

Mike Stimpson (Photography) –

Hero of Switzerland (Art Prints) –

Supported by
White Duck Screenprint / Hato Press / Spotlight / Made Studio & Studio Output



Comic Sans for Cancer

Group“Comic Sans for Cancer” – an exhibition of posters inspired by the 20th anniversary of Comic Sans (the font we all love to hate) with proceeds going to Cancer Research UK. Curated by Chris Flack, Renee Quigley and Soapbox & Sons.

Can Comic Sans have a positive effect on society? To celebrate its 20th anniversary, designers and artists from 34 countries (!) have designed posters representing what Comic Sans means to them. Do they love it or hate it? What would the world be like without the font we all love to hate? The results are both diverse and intriguing and challenge how we look at this divisive font. We have a mixture of international designers/studios, along with emerging and established local talent.

These include Vincent Connare (Comic Sans creator), his nemesis Ban Comic Sans, Bibliothèque, Build, Bunch Design, Oli Frape, Believe In, Hey Studio, Purpose, Spin, Sawdust, The Partners, Kiosk – and many many more. See the full roster below.

From over 500 submissions, 200 posters will be exhibited at The Proud Archivist in London from August 20th – 24th
All posters will be available to purchase at the exhibition with proceeds going to Cancer Research UK.

Please follow us on twitter, like us on facebook  and our friends over at Cancer Research UK would be over the moon with a donation  too.


20th Aug 2014
6pm – 10:30pm

22th – 24th Aug 2014
8am – 10:30 pm


The Proud Archivist
2-10 Hertford Road,
London N1 5ET
Regents Canal (off Kingland Rd)
Haggerston Overground


Chris Flack
Renee Quigley
Soapbox & Sons


Cancer Research UK 


GF Smith
Ripe Digital
Nimbus Hosting
The Proud Archivist





Aaron Hogg
Abbas Mushtaq
Adam Sharp
Adan Contreras
Albert Wijaya
Alex Borg
Alex Ly – France
Alexander Glante
Alexander Jones
Allison McCartney
Amrit Singh
Andra Kradolfe
Andreas Wikstrom
Andy Brown
Andy Mallalieu
Andy Powell
Andy Smith
Anthony Hart
Ban Comic Sans
Believe In
Berger & Fohr
Born & Raised
Bruce Usher
Bunch Design
Callum Griffiths
Capital One
Charlie Earl
Charline Gohier
Chris Davey
Chris Evans
Chris Flack
Chris Jackson
Chris O’leary
Craig Rozynski
Craig Salter
Craig Thomas
Creative Injection
Curtis Edwards
Dan Bull
Dan Hinde
Daniel Fuerst
Danni Storm
Danny Greaves
Darren Friend
Darya Tsaryk
Dave Foster
Dave Kemp
Dave Sedwick
David Airey
David Bailey
Dean Harding
Department Of Words
Dirk Verweij
Doğukan Karapınar
DQ Estudio
Duane Dalton
Edwin Lo
Eliot Hil
Emma Chih
Emma Turland
Ertan Toy
Essen International
Fernando Fernandes
Fiona Battersby
Frey Tag Anderson
Gareth Stranks
Gary Cooke
George Liebergesell
George Simkin
Give Up Art – Stuart Hammerseley
Greg Dodds
Grotesk Studio
Grzegorz Sołowiński
Hey Studio
Ian Caulkett
Ian Paget
IWANT design
James Howley
James Johnston
James O’Connell
Jens Windolf
Jeremy Clark
Jessica Chua
Jessica Matthews
Jim Meston
Jimmy Bickerton
Jimmy Lee
John Custer
Jon Newman
Joseph Blumenfeld
Julian Clark
Keith Hancox
Kenneth Knutsen
Kids with Puns
King Zog
Kurtis and Kurtis
La Fabrica
Laura Darby
Leanne Hoang
Lizzie Mary Cullen
Lorene Ujhelyi
Make Design Happen
Manuel Boden
Margo Wolcott, Jason Wennett & Emily Peters
Marisa De Sena Nachif
Mark Boyce
Mark Osborne
Mash Creative
Matt C Stokes
Matt Jones
Matthew Olejniczak
Matthew Ulstad
Michael Moran
MultiAdaptor & Neil Edwards
Nick Chaffe
Nick Greenbank
Nick Lovegrove
Nicky Morton
Nikos Georgopoulos
Noni Braithwaite
Oli Frape
Olly Gibbs
Omar Tinoco
One Minute Briefs
Pame Mendoza
Papee Thirawat
Paul Andrew
Paul Hicks
Paul Johnson
Petra Grubišić
Pol Solsona
Rashpal Amrit
Renee Granillo
Renee Quigley
Richard Rhodes
Robert Holmkvist
Ross Dalziel
Ryan Dixon
Sandt Design
Scott Lambert
Scott Ogilvie
Sean Rees
Sergio Olivotti
Simon Graham
Simon Harrison
Samuel Fresquet
Stephane Delliot
Stuart Radford
Stuart Watson
Supple Studio
Susan Webb
Ten Dollar Fonts
The Bakery
The Negra
This Studio
Tim George
Tobias Hall
Tom Jarrett
Tom Roberts
Tom Vidalie
Tony Peacock
Tristan Palmer
Tuki Toku
Two Times Elliot
Vincent Connare
Work Form
Yoke Design
Yves Haubois

Please contact us if you wish to have the full press release/kit.

 CSC_E_leaflet_PV01 (1)

Food Stories: West

LogoWhere: Road Food Stall Portobello Market | Site 89, near to Dunworth Mews in between Talbot Road and Westbourne Park Road, on the corner outside the Office shoe shop

When: Friday 18 July | 11:00 to 15:00
Tickets: Free | No booking required

What happens when you mix savoury storytelling and nectarous nosh with a splash of schnapps? A day of performances dedicated to food, family, recipes and the stories that link them together.

Come and join as Food Stories: West pops up at Road Food in Portobello Market, where the stories will be overflowing. Raconteurs include the famous and the infamous, all sharing a story about food, family or something that connects the two, with delicious treats and surprises throughout the day.


The Argentinian Pizza Supper Club is a Pop-Up Eat & Meet that takes place on Saturdays evenings. It’s founder, Oli, is a chef and musician and will be working his magic.

Biscuiteers make delicious bespoke biscuits that are almost too good to eat.

Book and Kitchen is a bookshop with a small café situated on All Saints Road that combines the literary and culinary in a fresh and modern setting.

Darjeeling Express produce Indian Supperclubs & Events with family recipes that go back four generations.

The idea for Eddies Chilli Jam was born in the 1960s combining when the flavours of traditional West Indian foods with very British sweet jam.

Edible Stories bring stories to life through unique, provocative and immersive edible experiences. Their curated and themed dining experiences take favourite written stories and bring them to life through the use of food.

La Fromagerie featuring a poem by Roderick Smith. Stylish and unconventional, La Fromagerie is recognised as being one of the best cheese shops in England. Roderick Smith is an actor working in film, theatre, television, radio and commercials. Amongst many other TV roles he has appeared in 56 episodes of ‘Dangerfield’ for the BBC. He also loves – and has written a poem – about cheese.


Produced by Piece of Cake and Soapbox & Sons |

Hand-lettering by Oli Frape |

This event has been inspired by Beyond Bubbie, an interactive community cookbook.



Comic Sans for Charity

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 14.54.20Delighted to be approached to not only contribute a piece of work (collaborating with Mike Reed), but also to be one of the curators of Comic Sans for Cancer. This is a brilliant upcoming exhibition of posters inspired by the 20th Anniversary or Comic Sans (the font we all love to hate) with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK.

In its short history no other font has caused as much division as Comic Sans; not only does it divide opinions, but it is also a font that everyone seems to have a view on. So extreme are these views that websites have even been set up to have the font banned from use!

We want to harness the energy and opinions that surround Comic Sans and show that it can have a positive effect on society. So why not put this divisive font to good use and use its 20th anniversary to raise money for cancer research.

Designers are being asked to represent what Comic Sans means to them. Do they love it or hate it? What would the world be like without the font we all love to hate? Should we wish it a happy birthday?

The results will be showcased in an curated online exhibition and event which aims to challenge the way we look at this divisive font.

To submit, please visit:
Deadline: 20th June
Follow: @ComicSansCancer for announcements, updates and comic sans fun!

If you are not a designer and would like to contribute some way, we have also set up a Donation Page. Click here for details.

Contributors so far include:

Pop-up foodie event in West London

Food Stories_Header2Food Stories West

What happens when you mix savoury storytelling and nectarous nosh with a splash of schnapps? A day of performances dedicated to food, family, recipes and the stories that link them together.

Come and join us at Food Stories West pop-up at Road Food in Portobello Market where the stories will be overflowing. Raconteurs will include the famous and the infamous – and of course the delicious. All of our guests will share a story about food, family or something that connects the two – and there may be delicious treats and surprises throughout the day too.

So what are we looking to do – and how can you get involved?

We’re producing the first, of what we hope will be a series of events, called Food Stories  – a day of food and stories and performances dedicated to food, family recipes and the stories that link them together. 

We’d love to hear from interested parties who would like to take part and tell a story during the day – and bring some samples for the crowds to try! The format of the day will see a number of people telling a story about their favourite food, their family or something that links those things together.  We’re asking people to be as creative as they would like – and encouraging the use of music and song if appropriate. We’re looking for tales which are about 5-6 minutes long, ideally connected to a recipe or recipes. We will work with you to make sure you feel happy and confident about all that you have to do.

Contact us if you would like to get involved!

Friday 18th July
11am – 3pm (schedule TBC)
Road Food, Portobello Market, Site 89 (near to Dunworth Mews – in between Talbot Road and Westbourne Park Road – we’ll be on a corner outside the Office shoe shop)

Produced by Piece of Cake and Soapbox & Sons
Inspired by Beyond Bubbie

General Update

We’re not one for email newsletters, so here’s a little post on what is happening in the Soapbox world at the moment.

Speed Communications
In April we launched the identity for Speed Communications, a PR agency based in London.




We have launched and are very excited to see the results of #BAGSIE.
See all the artists here.



Comic Strips
We are also well underway with the website for Comic Strips, a collaboration with Matt Booth, Johnny Cullen and Mike Francis. Can’t wait to launch the website and artist brief!

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 13.00.17


Very excited to announce that Soapbox & Sons (along with Inkygoodness) are bringing Glug to Birmingham this summer! We want to celebrate the wonderful talents in The Midlands, so to launch we’ve chosen the theme: ‘Midland Masters’.  

Read more about it here.

Glug Promo Brum

Eating Sound + The Truscott Arms

The second instalment.

In October last year, Soapbox & Sons brought a magical experience to The Truscott Arms – Eating Sound.

After connecting the dots between the pub and the composer, Sam Bailey, they have been very busy creating the second instalment of Eating Sound, this time themed ‘Spring’.

Last night, I attended as a guest, and the event didn’t disappoint.


Crispy hens egg with asparagus velouté & vegetable garden
Pea tortellini with suckling pig shoulder, onion consommé, morels and wild garlic
Plaice with jersey royals, cos lettuce emulation, feves, white and purple brassicas
Rack of spring lamb for two with tabbouleh and raita
The Easter egg


What is Eating Sound?
Eating Sound is a unique dining experience where food is used to deepen the understanding of sound. A live chamber orchestra help diners make the connection between timbre, texture and taste — ultimately refreshing the perception of flavour and sound.

This Spring Banquet dining room was, as with the Autumn one previously, bedecked to reflect the season. The wait staff wore masks made by The Masketeers, whose animal creations (featured at the Secret Garden Party, Bestival, Wilderness and Summer Sunset) are bespoke, expert and truly glorious.

#Bagsie artists announced

Our final 10

From sculpture to pen and ink, typography to paper cuts, the submissions have been fun to go through.

But, the day has come; we can now reveal our final #BAGSIE artists!


Emma Russell
Tw/IG: @EmmaRusset
Blog: Hello Emma

Emma Russell is a freelance illustrator based in London. She specialises in contemporary, figurative drawings, flat colour and patterns.

bear-with-me-emma-russell cry-wolf-2-emma-russell

Mike Reed
 @reedwords | @mikebreed

Mike is a creative writer for brands, and head of a (thus far) tiny writing agency in Soho, London. He also writes fiction, poetry and films (first short recently commissioned by Springboard Films), and doodle a lot: especially quick iPad portraits of strangers.


Lizzie Mary Cullen
Tw/IG: @LizzieMCullen

Lizzie is a multi award-winning illustrator/artist based in London.

Featured on BBC, Huffington Post, The Independent, Glamour and more, Lizzie’s pen and ink drawings have been exhibited internationally in London, New York and Paris.


Matt C Stokes
Tw/IG: @mattcstokes

Matt is a Brighton-based Designer & Illustrator, having created the likes of T-shirt designs, murals, brochures, editorial illustrations and portraits for a wide range of clients. He has a three-legged cat and actually enjoys running.


Tash Willcocks
Tw/IG: @masalforduni
Instagram: Tash Willcocks | #mundaneaday

Tash illustrates hand rendered lettering from everyday musings that she hears on the bus or just seem to happen to her and in her spare time. She’s lucky enough to teach some amazing students at the university of Salford, where she is the Programme Leader of the BA Graphic Design course. Between that, she sometimes pops out with an album sleeve design, for people like Elbow (asleep in the Back), and collaborations on skateboards with Linder Sterling.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 14.15.01

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 14.20.44

Stacey Knights
Tw/IG: @SKnightsCollage

Stacey is a paper collage illustrator based in Norwich. She’s been freelancing since graduating with a first in Illustration from Norwich University College of the Arts (NUCA) in 2012. She paints all her papers to create textures for her illustrations, so each piece is completely unique.

alan staceyLWLTinkeramericanbarnowl

Nick Chaffe
Tw/IG: @nickchaffe

Nick is a Manchester based illustrator and graphic designer working across many mediums. His uniquely detailed illustration style incorporates both typography and a varying subject matter which have won him high profile commissions in the UK and abroad.


Murray Somerville
Tw/IG: @murraymangoose

Murray Somerville is the man responsible for the weird imaginings of super fighting toasters, conjoined twins playing battleships and exploding melon heads.

hearts-finished_800 log lady_800 PastedGraphic-1

Emily Peacock

Emily is a British needlework designer who works mainly in wool and canvas. Her kits are sold through her website, in Liberty of London as well as other independent shops around the world.

ept_Kiss&Hug Mex Hermanas


Oli Frape
Tw/IG: @olifrape

Oli Frape is a hand-letterer, typographer and illustrator based in London. He produces copy-led images that are bright, colourful and playful and always drawn by hand. Oli’s work has been used by editorial, publishing and advertising clients including The Guardian, Nokia, Tate & Lyle and the British Heart Foundation.

EastendsportsdayFINALWEB6 heartsleevepostcardWEB charming&web

One year in business

Soapbox & Sons have been in business for 1 year.

What have we achieved? In no particular order…

– Launched a new Soapbox & Sons website
– Launched an exhibition about LOLCATs
– Featured on the BBC Homepage and toyed with The Independent
– Featured on WIRED, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Time Out, The Londonist – and many more.
– Filmed for BBC News and UZOO.
– Launched Beatbox & Sun, an art & music event on a Shorditch roof top
– Helped launch Meddle, an idea-hackathon like no other
– Branded a start-up
– Assisted in the PR for a Kickstarter Campaign
– Rebranded an author management service, a software company and a PR agency
– Curated a Christmas do for Kopparberg
– Launched Eating Sound, an unusual food & music event in West London
– Designed an identity for a coach in Surrey, an independent chef in France and a beach hut restorer in Essex
– Photographed and filmed events for Brand Perfect.
– Spoke at Brite London: Creativity Edition, Small Talk (Birmingham) and BLAB (Manchester)
– Curated and hosted Glug in London
– Covered the Point Conference on behalf of Digital Arts Magazine
– Wrote numerous articles for a variety of creative publications
– Judged the Marketing Design Awards
– Part-took in an the Pong Ping exhibition in Manchester
– Campaigned for Movember
– Desk-surfed from Manifest Communication, LBI, Tribe and, currently, Smiling Wolf LDN HQ
– Collaborated with Dan Bull, Mike Reed, Iain Harrison, Mat Dolphin, FLYOTW, Other Finger Films, Manifest Communications – and many more…


What’s next?

– Launching #BAGSIE
– Launching #ComicStrips
– Launching #ProjectBrief (TBA)
– Opening office in Birmingham
– Launching a well-known event series in Birmingham (and possibly Stockholm)
– Branding another start-up
– And welcoming new, weird and wonderful collaborations, clients and projects.

Have an idea, thirsty for creative, or just fancy saying hello, get in touch and let’s do something extraordinary in Year 2!


Snap a #Bagsie!

JKnowles_JackBagNew_0046_logoCalling all artists.
Interested in being part of a collaboration between you and the amazing photographer, Jonathan Knowles?

The Brief
Following the introduction of the word ‘selfie’ into the Oxford Dictionary, we are looking for 6-9 artists to draw/paint/create a very personal self-portrait on a paper bag, followed by a photo shoot modelling your own #bagsie. We are looking for a very personal interpretation of the brief, a reflection of both your personality and your artistic persona. The project will be photographed by Jonathan Knowles, curated by Soapbox & Sons and art directed by Emma Taylor from Creative Advice Network

The Deadline
Submit a short proposal to: by Friday, March 14th, 2014

Proposal to include:
– a brief description (in writing) explaining your idea
– examples of your work / link to your portfolio
– a photograph of yourself



About Jonathan Knowles
Jonathan Knowles is a London based photographer specializing in graphic still life, liquid and people photography. His unique photographic style has earned him award winning, national and international advertising commissions working with agencies worldwide. In the past eight years he has consistently featured in the ‘200 Best Advertising Photographers in the World’ books. He is now also one of the top 10 all time award winners in the Graphis Annuals, and has had images included in their last four volumes of ‘100 Best in Photography’.

See some examples of his awesome skills below:

JKnowles_Bradley_0690_V2_crop JKnowles_XmasBeauty_0290_V4_crop


Artist Profile – Trevor Mill

Trevor Mill

Creative Director at Brand Electioneering.

Trevor has been painting since his teens and still haven’t used up that tube of lemon yellow yet.

His works are usually in oils, but have incorporated human hair, coffee, coins, pollyfilla and cigarettes when needed.

His usual subjects are portraits of people as the human face is by far the most interesting thing for another human to look at, he says. He’s occassionally been known to paint pigs, horses and swans too!

Below is Trevor’s piece from the Soapbox & Son’s exhibition Alien Nation & LOLCAT Teh Exhibishun

Title: Mr Ben Bus Stop
Medium: Mixed
Exhibition: Alien Nation; the art of blending in, 2011

In 1992, Trevor pained a picture called ‘Mr. Ben could be you’ (below). It was about being able to go into any situation, changing to suit each environment.


As the Alien Nation exhibition is about being alien to London, he fits rather well, so this is another Mr. Ben with the focal point of a London bus stop.

MrBenBuStop final rgb2

For no great reason the new painting incorporates:
Nina Simone, Gordon Brown, Izzy Mill, Alex Mill, Peter Green & Mick Fleetwood, A local Muslim lady, The Flying Conchords, Loula the street’s dog, the Polish old lady from down the road, a bike courier, Kingsly Amis, a Fetische, Matilda, a niece, a hoody, a tiger, a scary shadow a blank commuter, a poo, a mouse, a pigeon, a butterfly, a bike, a bus, two cars, a can, chewing gum and of course Mr Ben.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 12.24.48Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 12.24.54Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 12.24.41For LOLCAT – Teh Exhibishun, Trevor also went mixed media – and ended up on BBC News!

Medium: Mixed
Exhibition: LOLCAT Teh Exhibishun, 2013

George, my cat, is fat. I thought
I’d do a scale model.

Here is how George came into being. The real cat is on a diet.


Made from:
Kenny ball Jazz LP
CD of demos from indie band
Cassette from 1983
Shatterproof ruler
4 odd kids socks
2 Mini cereal packets (Frosties and Rice Crispies)
Can of hair grease
Champagne box
Cat collar
Fridge magnet
Australian 50p piece
Clothes dryer fluff



*Save the Date* – Pong Ping Exhibition

Ping Pong Art heads to Twenty Twenty Two for its first exhibition of 2014

Twenty Twenty Two, the music and arts event space in the heart of the Northern Quarter of Manchester, celebrates its new look with an exciting exhibition to start 2014.

Pong Ping is an exhibition of Ping Pong themed design, art and illustration from a hand picked selection of international and local creatives showing Ping Pong related paraphernalia being used in everyday life.

Pong Ping has been curated to celebrate the launch of the Ping Pong space located in the basement of the venue and the exhibition launches on the 6thFebruary and runs until the 5th March.


The Soapbox & Sons contribution below (by Jenny Theolin) titled, Ping, Pang & Pong is a homage to the world-class ping-pong skills of the Chinese. It depicts portraits of Ping Pang and Pong from Puccini’s Opera, Turandot, who will guide you on your way to become table-tennis champions renown (when they’re not busy warning you about impending love-doom!)

Ping-pong being a truly international sport, the parallels drawn between the underlying themes surrounding immigration, love and politics in Puccini’s masterpiece and the sport itself, could not be more fitting.

The love of Ping Pong conquers all!


The full artist list includes John Owens, Loz Ives, Teacake,Guy McKinley, Sarah Cowan, James O’Connell, Craig Oldham, Andy Cooke, Matt Booth, Tash Wilcox, Barney Ibbotson, Matt Kendall, Design by House and Mark O’Brien.

Here are a couple other examples. One from Sneaky Raccoon, and the other, Design by House.



A limited edition run of the prints will be available to buy at the Twenty Twenty Two online shop from the 7th February

For more information, please contact: Jamie Scahill @ Twentytwentytwo

E: / T: 0161 237 9360 / M: 07710 856 652 /

“Do you reckon it’s biblical?” – The Ping Pong Sweep Up

Artist Profile – Man Cheung

Man Cheung

Professional Photographer

Man Cheung grew up in a quiet suburb within Brisbane, Australia. His interest in photography started at an early age due to the influence of his older brother who worked as a cinematographer.

Many of Man’s projects focus on the subject of communities, the people who live within them, the issues they face, and the identities that are developed.

Man has completed two tertiary degrees in photography, a BA in Photography completing a double major at the Queensland College of Arts, along with a Certificate in Photography at Southbank Institute of Tafe.

His work has been published in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and New York.

Below is Man’s piece from the Soapbox & Son’s exhibition Alien Nation.

Title: Not Another Bloody Aussie
Medium: Photography
Exhibition: Alien Nation; the art of blending in, 2011

About his piece, in Man’s words:

“Do not forget that it is much easier to write in English than to speak English, because you can write without a foreign accent.” wrote George Mikes. I can relate to this idea in a humerously profound level being an immigrant myself. I wanted to explore this idea through the use of photographis images. Photographic potraits taken of Australians within their living space, who now are calling London home.

Without any accompanying text to support the images, how does one know what the person in the photo really is?

“Not Another Bloody Aussie” will be the title given to the series of photographic portraits. Just like the humorous title “How to be an Alien” or Mikes’ witty approach, I wanted a title that carries on that type of banter.



Artist Profile – Abigail Hunt

Abigail Hunt

Professional Artist

Abigail Hunt has an artistic practise based upon a procession of tasks: the investigative research of an image, the deconstruction of a line, the disablement of form and finally the reconstruction and reconfiguration of the object.She has shown at Whitechapel Art Gallery, Camden Arts Centre, Platform for Art, London Underground and EAST International.

In addition, her separate collaborative practise, KADN, with artist Kieren Reed involves a direct interaction with audience within manufactured and suggested situations. Together they have worked on projects with IKON Gallery Birmingham, The New Art Gallery Walsall, The Chisenhale Gallery, Studio Voltaire and the Folkestone Triennial Fringe.

Below is Abigail’s piece in the Soapbox & Son’s exhibition Alien Nation.

Title: How to be an Alien
Medium: Sculpture
Exhibition: Alien Nation; the art of blending in, 2011


By a gradual deconstruction process, and inspired by the very form of the book itself, Abigail Hunt cuts through the individual pages of George Mikes’ ‘How to be an Alien’. Forming layers of delicate paper, the images taken away reveal crop circle patterns uniquely developed through researching Ptolemaic diagrams of the planets rotating around the sun. The now altered book becomes an ‘alien’ copy of its own self as parts are removed and re-built forming fragile sculptures.

These alien parts can always be returned to the book and they reflect the individual deconstructions Mikes himself makes of English Society.



A short story about nothing

There’s an art to achieve something, indeed anything, by doing absolutely nothing.

When I was fourteen years young, on a routine visit to my brother’s flat in Sweden, I spotted a whopping new canvas adorning the main wall of his living room. It was a raw, un-stretched brown canvas that had been painted off-white, retaining an irregular brown bordering edge – all prepared for the introduction of some flashy colour, or possibly, a female nude.

“Why have you hung an un-stretched, un-painted canvas on your wall?” I asked – thinking maybe it was just for storage purposes – the flat was very small.

“It’s finished. I decided to leave it as it is.” He remarked.

Having looked at it again, I saw exactly where he was coming from. It suited his minimalist interior style, it was different, and with sounding pretentious, it was interesting.

He had created something by doing nothing. Well, almost nothing. He just knew when the right time was to stop.

Bring on 2014!

2013 will be very hard to beat.

Best of 2013

Redundancy. Redundancy can be a good thing. There is no hiding the fact that redundancy is predominantly shitty. It’s never easy, but for me it opened a door more than it closed one, and I learnt that opportunity doesn’t always knock.

Starting Soapbox & Sons as a Limted company. Starting a business on your own does not mean you are alone. I’m now a creative consultancy collaborating with individuals and agencies; and working across all disciplines. I’m never alone. Twitter is my virtual office, and I work together with at least 1 other person per project – sometimes up to 60!

Some amazing projects:
LOLCAT – Teh Exhibition – group art show exploring the weird and wonderful world of lolcats.
Beatbox & Sun – a launch party to remember
Eating Sound – where food and music meet
Meddle – an idea-hackathon like no other
Glug – Curating and hosting the June event

Some amazing collaborators:
Daniel Bull
Mike Reed
Mat Dolphin
James McKenzie-Blyth
Manifest LDN

– and many more.

What’s happening in 2014?

feature-688-2Read my interviews in Digital Arts about 2014:

Part 1’2014 creative trends: leading creatives’ hopes and fears for the year ahead”
Part 2 – ‘2014 creative trends: how leading creatives will be developing their work in the year ahead’
Part 3’2014 creative trends: what will be the biggest influences and new tech in the year ahead’

Some key dates next year

- On January 8th, I will be joining the judging panel of the Marketing Design Awards 2014.
- On February 17th, I will be the first female speaker at BLAB in Manchester (hope to see you there!)
- 2 new exhibitions / Call for artists coming soon!
- And in the summer I’m relocating to Birmingham – exciting times ahead.

Merry Christmas from Soapbox copycopy

Judging the Marketing Design Awards 2014 excited to have been asked by Haymarket Publishing / Marketing Magazine to be one of their 10 individuals judging the Marketing Design Awards, 2014.

Marketing Design Judging 2013 013_lrThe panel included the Head of Design at McLaren, the Executive Creative Director of The Partners, the Head of Design at Museum of London, the VP of Design at Glaxo Smith Klein – and more!

Front Row:
Jenny Theolin, director at Soapbox & Sons
Justin Cernis, founder of The Cernis Collective 
Steve May-Russell, managing director at Small Fry

Back Row:
Greg Quinton, executive creative director at The Partners
Karen Fream, marketing design consultant at Vision Heads
Noel Lyons, director at KentLyons
Letty Edwards, marketing director at Fox’s Biscuits
Leigh Cain, head of design at the Museum of London
Frank Stephenson, chief designer at McLaren 
Andrew Barraclough, VP of design at GlaxoSmithKline 

The Awards are open to organisations of all sizes that can clearly show how their use of design for marketing has formed an integral part of their marketing planning and implementation, and had an impact on the performance of their brand and their business.

The Awards are divided into 20 categories to reflect the diversity of the applications of design.

Winners will be announced at an evening awards ceremony to be held in central London in March.

Authoright / London Author Fair

Collaborating with Mat Dolphin, we’ve been very busy working up Authoright’s new identity and website.
A full case study will be shared upon completion, until then, here is a preview of the identity work:

AR Logo

AR ColoursAR BookmarkAR Bus cards

The London Author Fair
In parallel to working on their new identity, we wanted to announce Authoright’s latest event: the first London Author Fair, which will be held at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden, London, on February 28th, 2014. This event will be dedicated to all authors, looking at publishing today and the future of the book.

They will host over 400 authors across three floors of the private members club, for a day of radical seminars, intimate workshops, one-on-one collaborator hubs, educational films, the live PitchUp! literary agent submissions event run by LitFactor, and a lavish late-night drinks reception and networking event to close.

The full programme of events will be confirmed in the coming weeks. Check out the event website for more details.

Challenger Brands / Quote

We love working with Challenger Brands and individuals who want to challenge the status quo.

We live and breathe jumping into the unknown.

Found this today; brilliant quote from Eat Big Fish on how to develop an identity as a Challenger.
Couldn’t say it better ourselves:

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 12.06.08 copy

“Build a Lighthouse Identity – Success as a Challenger Brand comes through developing a very clear sense of who you are and where you stand as a brand/business, built on a product or brand truth that is unarguable. And then projecting that identity intensely, consistently, and saliently in everything you do, to the point where, like a lighthouse’s beam, consumers notice you and can navigate by you, even if they are not looking for you.”


Find more of their Challenger Brand principles here.

BLAB / *Save The Date*

BLAB logoVery excited to have been asked to travel up to Manchester on Monday, February 17th to talk at BLAB #17.

BLAB is an event series hosted by Northern Digitals, a group founded by Matt Booth with now over 2,200 members. These events have featured amazing individuals and agencies alike: AirsideMoving BrandsJohn McFoulTom MullerPeter SavilleRapha Racing – and many more!

Here are all the previous talks for your viewing pleasure.

I will be sharing the stage with the amazing and very talented Illustrator/Artist Sam Gilbey. I have been a fan of his for a while, so humbled to do the event together. See all his work  here.



Artwork inspired by Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou for ‘Bad Dads: an art show tribute to the films of Wes Anderson’,
Spoke Art, San Francisco (November 2013).
By Sam Gilbey

Event sponsors:
GF Smith -
Shillington College -
Orchard -


Talking Shops / The Creative Shop Directory

Talking Shops – The Creative Shop Directory

People ask me where to find awesome art and prints/posters/art/stuff to buy online on a regular basis.There is high demand, but people just don’t know where to look.

Unless you know that a certain individual and/or studio have an independent online shop, it’s quite hard to find it.

This new website will pool all independent online creative shops together – a directory supported with fantastic editorial as well, interviews with ‘shop keepers’ for example. And also a ‘support section’ to help create new shop-keepers globally.

We’re hoping that this website will encourage getting art/design up on walls – and support the creative industry by promoting the analog.

Being a curator, I am privileged to know plenty individuals who own independent shops online, so the aim of this website is to share this knowledge with the rest of the art world.

If you want to get involved, please email your creative shop link to: or tweet it to @TalkingShops*Launching 2014*

Piano in the Woods / Sam Bailey

Sam Bailey, the brainchild composer of the Eating Sound concept has many other things up his sleeve.

Check out Piano in the Woods, another one of his projects:

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 15.04.50A piano has been put in the woods and will be played at the same time each month for a year by Sam Bailey who will improvise in response to the instrument’s changing state. The performances will be recorded and photographers and film makers are invited to make work around these performances.

This project is taking place in private woodland near Canterbury, UK and is a collaboration between Sam Bailey, Matthew Watkins, Sondryfolk, Ben Rowley, Aurelija Pakeltyte, Nathan Thomas and Neil Sloman.




The Masketeers x Eating Sound / Truscott Arms

Soapbox & Son is all about doing interesting things, in interesting places, with interesting people. And you can’t get much more interesting that the collaboration between everyone involved in Eating Sound.

Super excited to share the amazing work of The Masketeers, who have been very busy designing and making a new set of masks, headpieces and top hats for this the event.

With a mixture of creative projects behind her, from the launch of Kinetica Museum to publishing The Hedonist’s Guide to Art, their founder, Charlotte Tiley has always been involved in a variety of creative projects. She started getting her own designs into the public eye with her much loved masks for festival entertainers like The Artful Badger in 2008. Following the success of the festival experience she then developed mask making workshops as the Co-Founder of The Cabinet of Curious Creatures and expanded into doing bespoke wall hangings following the success of the ARTHouse exhibition in 2012.

With a background in costume design at National Youth Theatre, fashion and sculpture at Central St Martins and fashion illustration in Italy, Charlotte started experimenting with her initial medium of papier-mache combined with fabric work. She has now developed additional skills and collaborations with carpentry, upholstery and moulding to create truly original pieces.

Check out some of her amazing work, including some work-in-progress bits for Eating Sound (the two at the bottom):

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 14.34.15Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 14.32.07Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 14.32.31Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 14.32.43Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 14.33.57Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 14.43.20994930_405424489583965_14000446_n

How to become an Art Director / Creative Bloq

Here is an article I wrote for Creative Bloq a little while back.

What is an art director? 

It sounds like a simple question, but having to define somebody’s job role in one or two words is surprisingly difficult.

Designer, art director, creative director – all these titles are necessary to create a structure within agency departments, for the client’s benefit, and for the recruitment process. And to add to the confusion, descriptions like ‘Web Ninja’, ‘Pixel Guru’ and ‘Creative Wizard’ infiltrate our world as well. But how relevant is all of this to the job we do?

In many companies the traditional team structure has evolved into paired creative polymaths. Ask any creative team working today, and you will see that they share a lot of their work tasks. Copywriters scamp, art directors write. I write contributions to blogs, books and magazines, so does this make me any less an art director?

Creative concoctions

Working across branding, design and advertising, I’ve experienced most types of agencies, from huge conglomerates like Interbrand, to the smaller and friendlier creative agencies, like muirhoward, where I am currently spending my days cooking up all sorts of creative concoctions.

Here I generate and develop ideas for ads and campaigns, work alongside the creative director to ensure that creative strategy is innovative, motivating and right for the client; I also inspire, encourage and mentor junior teams, brief Photographers, Illustrators, Artworkers and Retouchers – and present to clients.

People skills

For me, the main difference between working as a graphic designer and as an art director is that I work more with people than computers. And since I prefer to see the creative industry as a peoples’ industry, this collaboration and co-working is key to creating exciting new work.

What are the worst things about being an AD? I would say the worst bit is to not have the ability to execute my ideas myself and to trust others to meet my ridiculously sky-high standards. However, if you are working in the right place and collaborating with the right people, this should be the least of your worries.

The best things? Being surrounded by great people and amazing talent, regardless of the day-to-day ups and downs, difficult clients and/or a stinking brief.

5 tips for becoming an art director

01. Put together a killer portfolio

A book that is controversial, that scares, intrigues and has balls. As a graduate and/or junior, you will probably not have as much ‘real work’, so fill it with whatever is inside your head. Make it memorable. 90% of the books I see are instantly forgettable – I would much rather see your take on Magritte’s flying penises, than another bloody Guiness ad.

02. Be selfish, but don’t be an arsehole

You are the new generation, get to grips with what’s been done, evolve it and do it better! Come up with wild ideas and have them fuck each other to spawn mutant idea babies who’ll take over the world. Why? Because a great idea is one that scares the living pants off of you.

03. Make friends – show interest in people and their work

Hound your heroes and ask to meet them. Many love to talk about themselves, so ask to meet them for advice, to pick their brains – and to see their work! However, don’t be surprised if your icons actually turn out to be old, grumpy farts. If you do meet them, make it your priority to provoke them by demonstrating that you could be better than they ever were – within the right environment and with the right people of course. Trust me, they want to be challenged.

04. Stay on top of blogs and trend-reports

Keep the momentum up and don’t get stuck in a bubble. Creative exploration is one of the benefits of this industry, so get out there and do different things differently.

05. Make yourself noticed – in a good way

Get your voice heard and speak up, but not by blowing hot air – you’ll most definitely get caught out.

Anatomy of Design #003 / Mike Reed

I am a big advocate for individuals within the design industry who are great at what they do.

This is Mike Reed; writer for design, collaborator and friend.

Make a brew and enjoy his lecture on copywriting: “Giving Voice to Ideas”

Below are a couple of the other ‘Anatomy of Design” videos for your viewing pleasure as well:

Peter Vivian / Superior Soapboxes

Received an email last night from Peter Vivian, who found our website randomly when searching traditional soapbox racers. I immediately took a shine to his woodwork, so decided to share them in a blog post. Now I just need to come up with a project so we can work together – Soapbox & Sons Derby?

Here are some of his cars:

studio 3 33 percentModel T small soapbox smallSonya and Brandon

Peter Vivian was a regular contributor to Practical Woodworking magazine and a runner-up in the ‘Woodworker of the year’ competition.  Also received the Gough prize for woodwork.  His work has been displayed at The Royal Academy of Art and also presented to HRH Prince Charles and featured at the Royal Albert Hall.

Brand Perfect ‘Banner ads vs. Brands’ Event

Earlier this summer, Soapbox & Sons was asked to come along and document the latest Brand Perfect event: Banner ads vs Brands.

Following the Brand Perfect report on The New Dynamics of Advertising, report, which we documented a while back, the panel was asked:

• Do we need to kill the banner to deliver great cross-media brand advertising?
• What new directions are out there that suggest there is an alternative approach?
• What are the design approaches that deliver communications reliably across all media?

Panel included:
Simon Davies, QUARTZ
Sille Opstrup, Pernod Ricard
Matt O’Mara, VICE Media
Murray Phillipson, Switch Concepts

Read more about the event here and see the video below.

pics-1 pics-2  pics-3 pics-4 pics-5 pics-6

Beatbox & Sun / Building ‘The Box’

A rooftop exhibition throws up quite a few challenges; possible rain, no walls to hang, on amongst other hurdles.

In order to get the  most out of the event, lovely Tom (Barefoot Carpentry) helped me build an exhibition unit especially for Beatbox & Sun.

You will see this baby in action on the 6th. Until then, here are some photographs from the making of.

DSC_0407_2 DSC_0408_2 DSC_0413_2 DSC_0423_2 DSC_0427_2 DSC_0466_2 DSC_0471_2 DSC_0476_2 DSC_0489_2 DSC_0497_2 DSC_0506_2 DSC_0509_2

Beatbox & Sun / Special Guest – DJ Switch

DJ Switch is bringing his mini-decks and joining us on the roof top – Sweet!

DJ Switch is a British DJ & turntablist, based in Birmingham.

Switch won the world DMC DJ championships (specifically in the ‘Battle For Supremacy’ category) in 2008. He successfully defended his title for the next two years, becoming the first person to achieve a triple-win in the supremacy battle.

In 2011, Switch became the first DJ to have ever performed at the BBC Proms. He was the lead soloist in Gabriel Prokofiev’s “Concerto For Turntables & Orchestra”, conducted by Vladimir Jurowski & performed by the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. He has since performed the piece in Venezuela with the Simon Boliviar Youth Orchestra.

Here he is in action on another rooftop – Sick!

At the Proms – Amaze.

Beatbox & Sun / The Overview

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 13.53.03

To celebrate the launch of Soapbox & Sons and Behind the Beats, we’ve brought together a group of world reknown beatboxers, artists, illustrators and designers to throw you a roof-top summer event to remember.

This launch event will be dedicated and in aid of The McGuire Programme, a speech recovery programme run by people who have first-hand experience in stuttering.

Apart from live beatbox jamming, we will also have an eclectic collection of original artworks around the theme of ‘communication’ exhibited and for sale at the event, with all proceeds going to The McGuire Program.

And courtesy of our sponsor, Hawkes Ginger Beer, we will not being going thirsty!

Ball-Zee, Experimental, MC Zani, Bellatrix, Contrix, Beatfox and Bass6

Links and more info can be found here.

Andy Hau & Kyle Wilkinson, Ben Steers, Ben The Illustrator, The Counter Press, Charlie Farncombe, Dan Bull, Delme Rosser, Emma Oveream, Geroge Simkon, Gordon Bonnar, Iancu Barbarasa, James O’Connell, Jessica Erikson, Lizzie Mary Cullen, Mash Creative, matDolphin, Murray Somerville, Peter Hawkes, Sean Rees, Spudgun & Simon Cherry, Stuart Watson & Marina Willer, Smiling Wolf, Stef Johnson & Mike Ankers, Will Stewart and Tom Muller.

Links and more info can be found here.

Twitter stuff:


Collaborators & Partners:

Behind The Beats / FLYOTW – MUSIC

Behind the Beats is the brain child of UK based film production company, Flyotw. We beatbox, we love beatbox.

Behind the Beats is a carefully curated platform for showcasing and documenting the UK’s finest musical talent. Currently, Behind the Beats is focused on providing industry leading content in the UK beatbox scene. Behind the Beats vision intends to connect and inspire audiences from across the far reaches of the globe

Through documentary film and short features, Flyotw & Behind the Beats aim to explore, collate and present a refreshing and honest representation of todays music scene and the musicians who populate it.

Proper Office – ROOF TOP

Proper Office was founded in April 2007 to offer ‘start up’ and existing companies a fresh, friendly value for money approach to office solutions.
Their aim is to give their clients a sense of well being and peace of mind by offering affordable rents and flexibility in a warm and professional environment.
All of their centres are in prime locations and offices are available on rolling monthly licences at very competitive rates compared with other office rental groups. 

Hawkes Ginger Beer – BOOZE

We are Hawkes, a new and truly exciting independent brewing company, born and raised in London and looking to shake things up!

Their mission is simple…
‘Bring social good as well as pleasure.’

But not in a boring, run of the mill way, they intend to enjoy themselves and look good doing it!

Their ethos is to use the growth and success of Hawkes to give back some goodness to their communities and not for profit organisations. It is their promise to contribute a share of their annual profits to these causes, as well as their time, care and attention.

Barefoot Carpentry – EXHIBITION STAND

Tom Robertson provides general carpentry services including 1st and 2nd fix, domestic renovations, kitchen and bathroom projects. When he has time he also enjoys making furniture – its very therapeutic to the mind and soul.

We’re delighted Tom is donating his time and expertise to build us a bespoke exhibition display unit.

Pete Hawkes – BRANDING

Pete a graphic designer and illustrator living in London. He’s worked on a variety of projects for clients of all sizes, including illustration, branding, typography and digital design – and is the man behind our lovely Beatbox & Sun logo.


Beatbox & Sun / Artists

Last week, we asked around who would like to help create an eclectic collection of original artworks around the theme of ‘communication’ to be exhibited at Beatbox & Sun, with proceeds going to The McGuire Program. (This will enable people with speech difficulty to join their program free of charge.)

All work will be exhibited and available for sale. If they go unsold, we will publish them on the Soapbox Online Shop after the event and sell them online. Here are our contributors:

Andy Hau & Kyle Wilkinson

Ben Steers

Ben The Illustrator

The Counter Press

Charlie Farncombe

Dan Bull

Delme Rosser

Emma Overeem

George Simkin

Gordon Bonnar

Iancu Barbarasa

James O’Connell

Jessica Erikson

Lizzie Mary Cullen

Mash Creative

Mat Dolphin

Murray Somerville

Peter Hawkes

Sean Rees, Paul Felton and Alex Woolley


Smiling Wolf

Spudgun & Simon Cherry

Stuart Watson & Marina Willer

Stef Johnson & Mike Ankers

Will Stewart

Tom Muller

And maybe a couple more TBC…

Beatbox & Sun / Beatboxers

So, who have we got? This talented bunch:

Three time Uk Beatbox Champion (2011 & 2012)
Emperor Of Mic 2012 – Grand Beatbox Battle Champion 2012


UK Beatbox Champion 2008, Producer, MC and musician based in South London. TV credits include appearances on The Paul O’ Grady Show, The Disney Channel and BBC Breakfast, BBC2, varous shows on Channel 4 and numerous TV shows across the globe.

More bass than brains more beats than a boxer!
Vocal- manipulator.

The worlds finest female beatboxer.





Beatbox & Sun / Sponsor / HAWKES Alcoholic Ginger Beer


Super excited to announce Hawkes as our Beatbox & Sun alcohol partner.

Not only is this new drink super tasty, but their values and ethos is very similar to ours, and we hope this new brand partnership is the beginning for something very special.

By pure coincidence our logo and branding is designed by another Hawkes too – Peter. How peculiar!

And, Ginger Beer is one of the drink of choice amongst singers and vocalists  to consume before a performance, couldn’t get much more perfect than that.

Anyway, did I say we’re delighted? Well, we bloody are.

To the guests of Beatbox & Sun, enjoy!


A bit from Hawkes about who they are and what they do:

We are Hawkes, a new and truly exciting independent brewing company, born and raised in London and looking to shake things up!

Our mission is simple…

‘Bring social good as well as pleasure.’

But not in a boring, run of the mill way, we intend to enjoy ourselves and look good doing it!

Our ethos is to use the growth and success of Hawkes to give back some goodness to our communities and not for profit organisations. It is our promise to contribute a share of our annual profits to these causes, as well as our time, care and attention.

After all, we’re made to make a difference.

We at Hawkes work around the principal of ‘Social Crafting’.

Social Crafting means crafting products that can be shared, loved and enjoyed the world over. But it doesn’t stop there, it goes further than that. We want to involve ourselves in society and give something back. This can be in the shape of time, expertise and contributions to local and national not for profit organisations -At launch we’re developing a partnership with non-for profits such as Centrepoint, who aim to provide support for the 80,000 young adults who require that helping hand for shelter and to get their lives back on track. Watch this space as our relationships and efforts develop.



Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 13.53.03


The Event – 06.09.13

Soapbox & Sons and Behind the Beats bring you an exclusive summer launch event featuring a London roof top, top international beatboxers, designers, illustrators and artists – this way up!

To celebrate the birth of Soapbox & Sons and Behind the Beats, we are bringing together a group of world reknown beatboxers – and are now calling for artists and designers to help us throw a roof-top summer event to remember.

This is the first of many Beatbox & Sun collaborations with the view of creating a series.

This launch event will be dedicated and in aid of The McGuire Programme, a speech recovery programme run by people who have first-hand experience in stuttering.

The Idea

To create an eclectic collection of original artworks around the theme of ‘communication’ to be exhibited at the event, with proceeds going to The McGuire Program. This will enable  people with speech difficulty to join their program free of charge.

It’s nice to be nice!

*There is no limit on submissions, however, due to a limited capacity on the roof, only the top 20 artists will be able to attend. However, all work will be exhibited and available for sale. If they go unsold, we will publish them on the Soapbox Online Shop after the event; unless you wish to have them returned.

The Brief

1. Pick a summery song lyric
2. Pick a partner (not a mandatory, but it would be fun to see collaborations!)
3. Pick a theme relating to communication (be it beatboxing / freedom of speech / stuttering / collaboration… It’s up to you!)
4. Design mandatories: 2 colour only – Cyan & Black (and white, but that’s not a colour…)
5. Design a one-off piece (poster, T-shirt, painting, whatever medium best showcases your piece)
6. Be happy in the knowledge that you’ve done your bit to help someone find their voice



Written Proposal Deadline (a couple sentences on what are you planning to do): Aug. 2nd 2013
Final deadline (Printed, framed and/or packaged): Aug. 29th 2013

Proposals (and any questions) to be emailed to

Print Production

All artists are responsible for their own production.
Through Soapbox & Sons, we’ll be able to assist and, hopefully, get you some good prices. Email for details.


All artists are responsible for pricing their item. Depending on print costs, guide-price £40/£50.


Also, to spread the word use the following mentions/hastags: @soapboxandsons / @BHTB_UK / @mcguireprogram  / #BeatboxAndSun


Behind the Beat’s latest video, for that extra bit of inspiration:

party copy


Beatbox & Sun / Sponsor / Proper Offices



We are happy to announce that after a few months of planning our joint launch event, we have finally found a venue partner to make it happen. The event will take place on a private roof top in Shorditch. Courtesy of our new partner, Proper Office.

This is a invite only party, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Soapbox & Sons and Behind The Beats.


The London Office – Where to find desk-space

Currently on the hunt for a new home to run Soapbox & Sons, and I came across this list of agencies, studios and work spaces in London.

As I love sharing, here it is! Hope it helps. I will be adding more as I find them, so keep checking back.

Apart from some on Desk Camping, these rest are not free desk-spaces, so contact them directly for prices, but you’re looking at £200+/month.

Desk Camping
The founder of Desk Camping is actually speaking at next week’s Glug – get your ticket here.
A great resource for both free desks and desks for hire; as well as work-friendly cafes.

Mint Twist
Open Studios De Beauvoir
Millers Junction Dalston
Industry Workspace Haggerston
Happiness At Work Wapping
Art Writing Guild Lewisham
63 Sun Studio De Beauvoir
Babel Studios London Bridge / Borough
Piano Club Brixton
Pixley Studios Limehouse
Vyner Street Bethnal Green / Broadway Market
Perseverance Works Hoxton
Four Corners Bethnal Green
The Brew Shoreditch / Hoxton / Old Street
London Co-working
Mentmore Studios London Fields
Mill Co. Project De Beauvoir
Bathtub to Boardroom Vyner Street, Bethnal Green / Broadway Market
Emigre Studios London Fields
Renaissance Works Bermondsey / London Bridge
DB90 Studio De Beauvoir
Stour Space Hackney, Opposite Olympic Park
Arch 1, 209a Coldharbour Lane Loughborough Junction
The Papered Parlour Clapham
Stag Stations Old Street

Whirled Studios Forest Hill
Second Floor Woolwich
Wimbledon Arts Studios Wimbledon
Biscuit Factory Bermondsey
Goodwood Road New Cross
Norman Road Greenwich
Cockpit Arts Deptford

Netil House London Fields

Industry Workspace Haggerston
Shacklewell Studios Dalston
Sunbury Workshops Old Street
Parkhall Business Centre West Dulwich – Has a cafe within the complex.
Energy Centre Hoxton / Old Street
The Leathermarket London Bridge / Bermondsey
Linton House Southwark
Mare Street Studios Hackney
Candid Arts Angel / Islington

Work Space
Space Studios
Acme Studios
Creative Space Agency
Desk Union
Canalside Studios – 24 Orsman Road, London, N1 5QJ UK
Desk Surfer
Artistic Spaces
ASC Artists Studio Company


EventBrite Talk. June 11, 2013

Here are some photographs and the video from my talk at Brite London earlier this week.

And here are some of the trends, apps and resources I referred to in the Q&A:


1. Crowd-funding – Eventstir

2. Taking to the streets

Hide & Seek and Urban Gaming

3. Dashboard & Events Apps


Planana – Turn your attendees into promoters

Reborn Apps – Turning unused event apps into a life-saving medium.

4. Sponsor Marketplaces


Speakers announced for Glug, June 27th

Delighted to announce the line-up that Nick Clement, the Studio Output Team and I have been working very hard in curating.

“Creative Startups” celebrates all the new talent, start-ups, new business, up and coming talent and well established big hitters like Morag Myerscough, as they talk about setting up, the challenges and the stuff you never get to hear about.

RSVP / BUY TICKETS HERE NOW before they sell out!

Speaking in the talks room we have (15 mins each so short and snappy):

Morag Myerscough
Founder, Studio Myerscough

Nick Couch
Founder, Open Studio Club

Helen Cowley
Founder, Dutch Uncle

Jessica Dance & Robert Muller
Founders, Get Müllered & Dance

Emma Taylor
Founder, Creative Advice Network

Rik Lomas & Amelia Humfress
Founders, Steer


Paul Batterham

Jenny Theolin, Co-Host
Founder, Soapbox & Sons


Plus in the rest of the venue we have Stalls and Pop ups to enjoy including the wonderful:

Paola & Stella
La Coppola
La Coppola makes organic, seasonal, artisan gelato as well as traditional Sicilian granita with locally sourced ingredients.

Yoni Alter
Yoni Alter
Graphic artist from London exhibiting prints.

Matt Burke
Showcasing some of his illustration work as well as the interactive poster project – “Done”

Denise Proctor
NOISE Festival
The national NOISE charity increases the social and economical mobility of young talented people across the UK irrespective of their social and economic status, education or physical ability.

Si Crowhurst
Scoopt is a way for friends to recommend great new places to each other. So you only see recommendations from people you trust. No random strangers’ reviews. And no ads.

Seija Chowdhury
Moha London
A Graphic Designer who started Moha last year. Now sells on “Not On The High Street”, and other outlets in Camden and the Isle of Wight.


Yes Gluggers it’s going to be awesome, so get your tickets now. They may even sell out before this Thursday’s event!


NB: Please note, for those of you that haven’t been to a Glug @Cargo, the talks room can only hold 300 or so people so not everyone can get in at one time. That said if you’re desperate to see them all it’s first come first served, people will go in and out though throughout the evening. The rest of us will be outside enjoining the beer and sunshine.

Entry price also includes a drink or a burger, hurrah!


Ian, Nick, Dan & Jenny

Collaboration collaboration collaboration

Photo from The Revival Tour's Facebook

Photo from The Revival Tour’s Facebook

I was going to tweet this video, in fact I bet I already have. But, instead it is worthy of a dedicated blog post. The Revival Tour is one of the best examples of successful collaboration in practice, and if you get a chance to go see them, don’t hesitate.

Collaboration. We all say we do it, we all say we love it, but how much is collaboration a sound investment?

Very often. I build everything I do on working together with the best people around. I believe using experts in their field is pivotal to deliver the most innovative and creative solutions to my clients. Using the best people also means there’s less likelihood of your project running over and helps you manage your budgets more accurately too.

Enough of my waffle. Have a look at the behind-the-scenes of… drumroll…

The Revival Tour
– An acoustic collaborative event since 2008

Speaking at ‘Brite London: The Creativity Edition’

briteukheader_2Honoured to have been asked to speak at an EventBrite night in June.

Come join myself and a panel of experts to discuss how we can inject creativity into events, big and small!

The event will take place on June 11th at Arts Catalyst in Clerkenwell.
It’s FREE, so get your seat quick!
Drinks and snacks will be provided – please RSVP to let them know you’re attending.
The hashtag for the event is #britelondon

Brite London: The Creativity Edition

Event Details
Love organising events – and looking for ideas to make yours stand out?

Brite London: The Creative Edition will be an interactive session about bringing creativity to events. We want you to leave with inspiration and some new ideas to take to your next event – and will consider the following questions:

1. What’s out there to bring pizazz, communicate our messages, help us stand out from the crowd?
2. What are the necessary evils? How can we add creativity to those elements?
3. How can the host encourage engagement 1) with guests 2) with event content?
4. What is the event’s online presence?

We’ll present a series of 10 minute talks, plus Q+A. We’ll crowdsource the subject of the final session according to your biggest event creativity challenge, and the panel will tackle the topic together.

Your speakers for the evening will include: 
Michael Hobson – Co-founder and one third of the 3 Beards / / @imhobson
Gemma Phelan – MD, Digital Binx / / @gemmaphelan
Jenny Theolin – Founder, Soapbox & Sons / @JennyTheolin
Natalia Talkowska – Founder, Natalka Design / / @natital
Katie McPhee – Head of Community, EMEA, Eventbrite /  / @ktmcphee


More information on the speakers and the event can be found here.

Beatbox & Sun + The McGuire Programme

After listening to Sean Rees and Nathan Webb speak about The McGuire Programme at the POINT Conference, it occurred to me that they would make the perfect partner for the Soapbox & Sons and Behind the Beats’ summer launch event ‘Beatbox & Sun’. I always try to pair up my events with something worth while and for the greater good, and I was really impressed with what this programs does. No-brainer, really.

A bit about The McGuire Programme

Sixty six million people stammer worldwide. Little is known about why, and despite there being no cure, The McGuire Programme is providing effective therapeutic coaching to help sufferers manage their difficulties.

Visit to find our more about the great things they do.

Soapbox & Sons is all about nurturing and promoting great ideas and fantastic people. So I want to highlight that Purpose did an amazing job with re-branding them – and I feel it only appropriate to dedicate our Beatboxing event to this stuttering/stammering recovery programme.


Reporting from POINT, 2013

Last week, I got the chance to attend the brand new creative conference, POINT. I spent two days listening to a total 29 speakers over 26 talks; have a read about it on Digital Arts Online.

Selected speakers:
• Alan Fletcher – Film interview
• Andy Altmann – Why Not Associates
• Beau Lotto – Beautiful Mind
• Bruce Gilden – Magnum Photos
• Clare Sutcliffe – Code Club
• David Tonge – The Division
• Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby – Barber Osgerby
• Elliot Erwitt – Film interview
• Erik Spiekermann – EdenSpiekermann
• Gary Aspden – Adidas
• Gordon Young – Artist
• Jessica Dance & Robert Muller – Get Mullered and Dance
• Jonathan Barnbrook – Barnbrook
• Lucienne Roberts – GraphicDesign&
• Matt Webb – BERG
• Martin Grothmaak – Projekt Triangle
• Milton Glaser – Film interview
• Morag Myerscough – Studio Myerscough
• Nick Couch – Open Studio Club
• Nicolas Roope – POKE
• Oliver Reichenstein – Information Architects
• Phil Lewis – London Strategy Unit
• Rhonda Drakeford – Darkroom & Multistorey
• Seymour Chwast – Push Pin Studios

• Henrietta Thompson
• Lynda Relph-Knight
• Patrick Baglee
• Patrick Burgoyne

One interview which didn’t make the Digital Arts article was a Q&A with David Hieatt, so I have included it here.

David Hieatt / Photo: Davy Jones © POINT

David Hieatt / Photo: Davy Jones © POINT

Q&A – David Hieatt

Q – How much of ‘authenticity’ do you believe lies within the people and the environment around the authentic ideas produced?

I guess it all starts with the people. So the authenticity stems from them and their determination to stay true to the original idea/ethos. Duke Stump, who runs The Do USA, says that it is not The Do Lectures job to create the magic, but to create a space where magic can happen. I like that thought.

Q – I love the thing you said about “What matters to me, and am I doing it?” – What tip would you give people to take the step to do what matters?

We are very good at giving ourselves reasons why we can’t follow our dreams. But they are barriers put there by ourselves (mortgages, school fee’s, expensive lifestyles etc.), and so can and will only be removed by ourselves. There comes a point when the cost of not doing the thing that matters to you is greater than following the dream. That is the point where change happens.

Q – And, lastly, what did you think if Point? Is this an authentic event?

I wasn’t there long enough to fully appreciate but there were some great people talking from the heart, which is a place where authenticity hangs out.


Find more information about Point here.

‘LOLCat Welcome Speech’ by Kate Miltner

Kate Miltner

Kate Miltner

Since the LOLCAT exhibition, I have been getting a lot of queries and compliments regarding Kate Miltner’s speech, which she gave at the Private View.  So, what better reason to publish it here?

Kate is a Social Media Research Consultant (currently at Microsoft Research New England), a graduate of the London School of Economics – and a LOLCat dissertation author.


“Hello everyone, and welcome to LOLCats: Teh Exhibishun. I hope you’re all enjoying the incredible work that the artists have done, and are as excited to be here as I am.

My name is Kate Miltner. I work at the Social Media Collective at Microsoft Research New England in Boston. The reason I’ve been asked to open this exhibit is because I have a rather unique claim to fame, which is that I wrote about LOLCats for my masters dissertation at the London School of Economics. It is distinctly possible that I am the world’s foremost academic expert on LOLCats, which is an entertaining if not dubious distinction.

When Jenny, the fantastic curator of this exhibit, asked me to do a quick speech to kick things off, I asked her what she wanted me to speak about, and she said, “just explain what a LOLCat is”. Alright Jenny, I’ll do my best.

LOLCats, also known as “cat macros”, are, at their simplest, images of cats with captions on them. The captions are quite often in LOLspeak, which is actually a verified dialect, according to Jordan Lefler, who is a linguist at Louisiana State University. She studied lolspeak for HER masters, so I’m not entirely alone in my academic interests.

So, yes, LOLCats are funny pictures of cats with misspelled captions. But really, they are a lot more than that. They are, to start, a cultural phenomenon. This is the first ever LOLCat gallery show, but not the first LOLCat art show that has ever taken place. The very first was in San Francisco in 2008. The Photographer’s Gallery over on Ramillies Street also recently had an exhibition of internet cat art, and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis had an internet cat video festival over the summer. LOLCats have also inspired an off-broadway musical, a Bible translation, Shakespeare translations, a convention, a line of greeting cards, clothing, and an American television show. Which, really, is quite impressive.

But what’s even more impressive are the underlying reasons as to why LOLCats have become the phenomenon that they have. Now, heading into my research, I thought that the reason that LOLCats were popular was that they were anthropomorphized pictures of cats that allowed us to laugh at ourselves. And that was partially true. But after talking to almost 40 self-identified LOLCat enthusiasts to collect my research data, it became quite clear that the humor inherent in LOLCats was only the tip of the iceberg.

The first thing that became apparent was that the LOLCat audience is not just one massive audience, but several groups, some of whom use LOLCats as a rallying point for some rather developed group identities and communities. Take the “Cheezfrenz” or “cheezpeeps”, a group of mostly women who are part of the commenter community on I Can Has Cheezburger, the blog that popularized LOLCats. They communicate with each other almost entirely in LOLspeak, and have even started their own separate blog, called the Cheez Town Cryer. This may sound silly to some people, but it’s no laughing matter for the community member, who talk about some very personal things— including spousal and parental illness, job troubles, and the death of their pets– and get a lot of emotional support in return.

The second thing that I noticed is that no matter how involved the participants were with LOLCats—whether they spoke ‘fluent lol’, remembered when Caturday was a big thing on 4Chan, or just saw them in their work inboxes—they often used LOLCats to express their feelings through either creating or sharing. For quite a few people, LOLCats were used as emotional shorthand. Many of my participants repeatedly reported that they would communicate difficult emotions—regret over a breakup, frustration with their jobs—through LOLCats. Is that surprising? Maybe, but I mean, why wrestle with an awkward email when a picture of a cat can be worth a thousand words?

Which brings us to this exhibition. Clearly, LOLCats mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. They have inspired some incredible work from all over the world—some of which I have been asked to purchase for my colleagues, incidentally— and have packed a gallery. Even the BBC and Wired are here! As you walk through “teh exhibishun” and hopefully support the artists and Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, take a moment to remember that this all started with a photo from a Russian cat food ad. More than ever, content and culture are made by us, and it is the value and meaning that we ascribe to these things that make them important, no matter how trivial they may seem. So take pride in your love of LOLCats, be grateful for the wonderful weirdness of the internet, and please remember to tip your bartenders.”

– Kate Miltner

Beatbox & Sun – Launch Party


Summer Launch Event – September 6th

Together with FLYOTW and Behind The Beats, Soapbox & Sons will be launching with a collaborative bang.

Soapbox & Sons and Behind the Beats will be bringing you a summer launch event featuring a London roof top, the best international beatboxers, designers, illustrators and artists – this way up!

The Idea
To celebrate the birth of Soapbox & Sons and Behind the Beats, we’ve brought together a group of world reknown beatboxers, artists and designers to throw you a roof-top summer event to remember. This is the first of many Beatbox & Sun collaborations with the view of creating a series.

The event will also be in aid of the McGuire Programme, a global stuttering/stammering recovery programme run by people who have first-hand experience in stuttering. Our plan is to auction of some original art to raise funds for their great work.

Soapbox & Sons is all about nurturing and promoting great ideas and fantastic people. So I want to highlight that Purpose did an amazing job with re-branding them – and I feel it only appropriate to dedicate our Beatboxing event to this stuttering/stammering recovery programme.

Have a look at Ball-Zee, 3x UK Champion who will be one of our artists.

The event is also in aid of The McGuire Progamme, who provides effective therapeutic coaching to help sufferers manage their difficulties.

Logo designed by Peter Hawkes.


Hosting Glug in June

Some exciting news, I have been asked to co-host this summer’s Glug, and am very busy theme-setting and curating some amazing individuals to speak – should be a goodin’!

Glug is a series of events for the design and creative community. Their showcase event is held in London but there are now 6 other events around the world.

Based around a series of talks and informal networking, Glug has become one of the most exciting, credible and well attended creative events around.

Glug events have included great talks, film preview, live art, installations and exhibitions from the likes of Airside, Anthony Burrill, Baiyon, Dixon Baxi, I Love Dust, Jason Bruges Studio, Mainframe, Marc Kremers, Noma Bar and Why Not Associates. Alongside these regular Glugs, they’ve also run events in conjunction with Arts & Business, D&AD, DAHRA, GameCity and Pick Me Up.

Of late they’ve hosted Google Creative Labs, B-Reel, Tellart, United Visual Artists, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Hudson Powell, Serial Cut, Soimon Manchip of Someone, Peter Crawley…

Previous videos can be found here:

Watch this space!

This Is Meddle

Meddle is a new, international series of events that gathers influential, creative people together to tackle specific subjects.

We’re thrilled to be holding the very first Meddle in England in April 2013, with future Meddles already planned.
Collaborating with Us Is Two, Soapbox & Sons are helping bring this new brand to life. Super excited!

Promoting Peggy Seymour

Lucy Liu by Peggy Seymour

Emerging London-born portrait artist, Peggy Seymour, seeks Kickstarter funding to develop her painting skills by creating twelve oil paintings of humans against black backgrounds and to share her discoveries in paint technique whilst doing so through a PDF “Method Book”.

Dissuaded from professional artistry by a miserable experience in formal art education, in 2006 Peggy began one of the UK’s first Etsy shops,, where she achieved over 10,000 sales of her handmade jewellery. Now, after a 10-year drought, she’s returning to her first love, has picked up her paintbrush again, and is finally ready to Art with Her Heart. She’s excited to share her journey with her growing community of backers.

As a backer of her Kickstarter project, Art with My Heart, you can opt to receive prints of her existing fandom-inspired work, the  aforementioned Method Book or even to be drawn or painted yourself.

This project will only be funded if at least £3,500 is pledged by Thursday Apr 25, 11:37am EDT.

By Peggy Seymour
For the press release, email me on