Brand Perfect ‘Banner ads vs. Brands’ Event

Earlier this summer, Soapbox & Sons was asked to come along and document the latest Brand Perfect event: Banner ads vs Brands.

Following the Brand Perfect report on The New Dynamics of Advertising, report, which we documented a while back, the panel was asked:

• Do we need to kill the banner to deliver great cross-media brand advertising?
• What new directions are out there that suggest there is an alternative approach?
• What are the design approaches that deliver communications reliably across all media?

Panel included:
Simon Davies, QUARTZ
Sille Opstrup, Pernod Ricard
Matt O’Mara, VICE Media
Murray Phillipson, Switch Concepts

Read more about the event here and see the video below.

pics-1 pics-2  pics-3 pics-4 pics-5 pics-6

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