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To celebrate the launch of Soapbox & Sons and Behind the Beats, we’ve brought together a group of world reknown beatboxers, artists, illustrators and designers to throw you a roof-top summer event to remember.

This launch event will be dedicated and in aid of The McGuire Programme, a speech recovery programme run by people who have first-hand experience in stuttering.

Apart from live beatbox jamming, we will also have an eclectic collection of original artworks around the theme of ‘communication’ exhibited and for sale at the event, with all proceeds going to The McGuire Program.

And courtesy of our sponsor, Hawkes Ginger Beer, we will not being going thirsty!

Ball-Zee, Experimental, MC Zani, Bellatrix, Contrix, Beatfox and Bass6

Links and more info can be found here.

Andy Hau & Kyle Wilkinson, Ben Steers, Ben The Illustrator, The Counter Press, Charlie Farncombe, Dan Bull, Delme Rosser, Emma Oveream, Geroge Simkon, Gordon Bonnar, Iancu Barbarasa, James O’Connell, Jessica Erikson, Lizzie Mary Cullen, Mash Creative, matDolphin, Murray Somerville, Peter Hawkes, Sean Rees, Spudgun & Simon Cherry, Stuart Watson & Marina Willer, Smiling Wolf, Stef Johnson & Mike Ankers, Will Stewart and Tom Muller.

Links and more info can be found here.

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Collaborators & Partners:

Behind The Beats / FLYOTW – MUSIC

Behind the Beats is the brain child of UK based film production company, Flyotw. We beatbox, we love beatbox.

Behind the Beats is a carefully curated platform for showcasing and documenting the UK’s finest musical talent. Currently, Behind the Beats is focused on providing industry leading content in the UK beatbox scene. Behind the Beats vision intends to connect and inspire audiences from across the far reaches of the globe

Through documentary film and short features, Flyotw & Behind the Beats aim to explore, collate and present a refreshing and honest representation of todays music scene and the musicians who populate it.

Proper Office – ROOF TOP

Proper Office was founded in April 2007 to offer ‘start up’ and existing companies a fresh, friendly value for money approach to office solutions.
Their aim is to give their clients a sense of well being and peace of mind by offering affordable rents and flexibility in a warm and professional environment.
All of their centres are in prime locations and offices are available on rolling monthly licences at very competitive rates compared with other office rental groups. 

Hawkes Ginger Beer – BOOZE

We are Hawkes, a new and truly exciting independent brewing company, born and raised in London and looking to shake things up!

Their mission is simple…
‘Bring social good as well as pleasure.’

But not in a boring, run of the mill way, they intend to enjoy themselves and look good doing it!

Their ethos is to use the growth and success of Hawkes to give back some goodness to their communities and not for profit organisations. It is their promise to contribute a share of their annual profits to these causes, as well as their time, care and attention.

Barefoot Carpentry – EXHIBITION STAND

Tom Robertson provides general carpentry services including 1st and 2nd fix, domestic renovations, kitchen and bathroom projects. When he has time he also enjoys making furniture – its very therapeutic to the mind and soul.

We’re delighted Tom is donating his time and expertise to build us a bespoke exhibition display unit.

Pete Hawkes – BRANDING

Pete a graphic designer and illustrator living in London. He’s worked on a variety of projects for clients of all sizes, including illustration, branding, typography and digital design – and is the man behind our lovely Beatbox & Sun logo.