Artist Profile – Man Cheung

Man Cheung

Professional Photographer

Man Cheung grew up in a quiet suburb within Brisbane, Australia. His interest in photography started at an early age due to the influence of his older brother who worked as a cinematographer.

Many of Man’s projects focus on the subject of communities, the people who live within them, the issues they face, and the identities that are developed.

Man has completed two tertiary degrees in photography, a BA in Photography completing a double major at the Queensland College of Arts, along with a Certificate in Photography at Southbank Institute of Tafe.

His work has been published in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and New York.

Below is Man’s piece from the Soapbox & Son’s exhibition Alien Nation.

Title: Not Another Bloody Aussie
Medium: Photography
Exhibition: Alien Nation; the art of blending in, 2011

About his piece, in Man’s words:

“Do not forget that it is much easier to write in English than to speak English, because you can write without a foreign accent.” wrote George Mikes. I can relate to this idea in a humerously profound level being an immigrant myself. I wanted to explore this idea through the use of photographis images. Photographic potraits taken of Australians within their living space, who now are calling London home.

Without any accompanying text to support the images, how does one know what the person in the photo really is?

“Not Another Bloody Aussie” will be the title given to the series of photographic portraits. Just like the humorous title “How to be an Alien” or Mikes’ witty approach, I wanted a title that carries on that type of banter.