Alien Nation – The Art Of Blending In, 2011

Alien Nation was a a 6-week long exhibition including art, music and literature, which took place in March 2011 at Great Western Studios.
Inspired by George Mikes’s book How to be an Alien and curated by Soapbox & Sons, Alien Nation was a one-off group show by a collective of london-based artists, photographers, writers and musicians.

Alien Nation celebrated the way George Mikes brilliantly captures the extraordinary transition that many people experience when first moving to London. From the weather to the incomprehensible social niceties, there’s a lot to adjust to; in spite of these things, foreigners and other ‘aliens’ continue to flock here. The collection included: painting, photography, poetry, murals, furniture, music, poetry readins – and a unique collection of illustrations from the Central Illustration Agency (CIA).

• Exhibition run: March 16 – April 29th, 2011
• 23 Artists, 3 Bands, 5 Poets
• Private View (200 attendees)
• Poetry Night (100 attendees)
• Gig Night (200 attendees)
• Hosted by Great Western Studios
• Extensive PR Coverage
• Sponsored by The Hungarian Cultural Institute, Tierry Mugler, London Tea CompanySmall Japanese SoldierMuirhoward and Brownhill Art Insurance